Video Profit Surge Review – A powerful WordPress Plugin combines Video Marketing with Listbuilding

In this Review I want to share with you an amazing WordPress plugin, which is a “must have” for every marketer. It is called Video Profit Surge and combines Video Marketing with Listbuilding. Not only, that you can now monetize videos, it contains also an integrated autoresponder, where you can immediately contact your new subscribers. You can also direct them to any website of your choice.

Videos are great for related content and they are getting more popular by the day. They are also great for all SEO purposes. Above all else, videos demand interaction as it needs clicks and attention. It does not incidently happen, that Youtube has millions of video views per day.

Video Profit Surge Review
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AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review – A complete and proven Marketing Solution with Done-For-You-Websites and Email-Series for making Money online

Today, I’ll be giving you my honest review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the easiest way to make affiliate websites. The creator Mark Ling is one of the most accepted and honest guys in internet marketing. He has already launched a bunch of products (Affilorama, AffiloBlueprint, AffiloTools) and also a first version of AffiloJetpack. All those products have been a huge success and are still up to date and used my many online marketers. Now Mark Ling launches of AffiloJetpack 2.0 with all the bells and whistles.

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Blog Perks Method Review – an exciting Approach for making good Profits with Blogging

My Blog Perks Method Review

Recently one of my friends (who I don’t talk to very often) caught up with me. Years ago we worked together on a different project, I almost did not remember him. Although he does basically something completely other to make his money, he told me that he had been blogging, and found a very profitable way doing that on a part-time basis.

But the coolest thing he was doing with his blog had nothing to do with money, it had to do with getting companies to send him whatever he wanted in the mail simply by being an influential blogger. In other words: He figured out a way to leverage what he does (blogging) to use that to shop on their dime.

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E-Wealth Blueprint Review – Are you tired of Affiliate Marketing ? Here is a fresh Approach to make Money Online with only a little Traffic

E-Wealth Blueprint

has been created and launched by Matt Carter, an Internet Marketing Expert over many years and one with an outstanding reputation. I follow the way of Matt Carter already a time and I must honestly say, that every product he launches, every information he gives, every webinar he hosts has it`s quality. He is down to earth, doesn`t promise the “blue from the sky” and permanently overdelivers. Besides he is also a SEO-expert and knows very well how to rank sites in Google successfully.

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ARGWA Autoresponder Review – an amazing All-in-One WordPress Plugin provides you your own Autoresponder-System

ARGWA Autoresponder

Today I want to share with you something extraordinary. Maybe you are currently using an autoresponder service, like AWeber, Getresponse, Trafficwave and so on. Maybe your list is already growing, but same time are you tired to pay the autoresponder service fees months after months. And maybe, you don`t feel comfortable, that your list is somewhere on a server, where you have no direct access.

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Ping Fresh Review – a WordPress Plugin which keeps your Content minty fresh and turbocharges your Traffic (plus HUGE Bonus!)

Ping Fresh

Sean Donahoe, one of the leading icons of Internet Marketing, is sharing one of his top traffic strategies that helped his students go from ZERO traffic to over 1700 visitors a day. His brandnew WordPress plugin Ping Fresh has launched on February 27th, 2013. If you are a blogger and urgently need traffic to your site, then you are on the right place here.

Preserve your earnings with this powerful traffic-building plugin working in the background automatically. Stop troublesome search engines from stripping your valuable traffic and ongoing profits. Prevent traffic losses from devastating your earnings. This powerful WordPress plugin installs in seconds and begins generating traffic immediately.

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Syndication Rockstar Review – gain Authority in your Niche and get quality Traffic with the highest Grade of Automation

Syndication Rockstar

Sean Donohoe released a new piece of software on January, 31st, 2013 with the name Syndication Rockstar. This is a nice and powerful WordPress plugin, which takes a lot of work from you. In the case you don`t know Sean Donohoe, he is currently one of the most respected Internet Marketers, who is always searching for new ways and variants to earn money online. He is a master in creating authority sites and delivers always great stuff for marketers. Syndication Rockstar will give your sites a boost in traffic and longterm also in your search engines ranking. With all the big changes Google made last year, many people are still trying to recover. Well, Sean Donohoe and his students not only survived but they thrived, securing top spots on the search engines.

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One Click Mobile Web App Review – a revolutionary WordPress Plugin which converts any Website into a Web App

One Click Mobile Web App

Mobile Web Apps are quickly becoming the standard way to deliver content to mobile devices. Unlike traditional mobile sites, Web Apps allow visitors to install your entire website directly on their devices – with it`s own custom icon on their home screen and a custom loading page start screen.Your app loads on the users device by itself through Apples own Webkit without a browser, making it impossible for the user to navigate away from your app quickly. One Click Mobile Web App is a unique way to keep your visitors much longer on your website and it provides an outstanding design for your mobile website.

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60 Second Sales Pages Review – an amazing WordPress Plugin to create pretty Sales- and Squeeze-Pages in Minutes

60 Second Sales Pages

!!! NOW NEW !!! 10 SECOND SALES PAGES with new additional templates !!! NOW NEW !!!

(Same technique, so you can read this review, it’s still valid)

I just bought 60 Second Sales Pages, which is an amazing WordPress Plugin and even much more. It has been created by Frank Haywood and includes most up to date templates for squeeze pages and sales pages. It comes with 50 sales pages PLUS 50 squeeze pages built in, you won’t be lost for choice when building your sites. All these templates are extremly beautiful and work with ANY WordPress Theme. This deal comes with a DEVELOPER license meaning it’s okay to build sites for clients, and it’s also okay to use the plugin to build sites that you intend to flip for profit.

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AffiloTheme Review – a Premium WordPress Theme with a lot of Features for easy Affiliate Marketing


If you are a WordPress-blogger and if you want to earn a decent income with blogging, you will need to have a high quality WordPress theme, which handles for you many things, is SEO friendly and has a good look. Mark Ling from Affiliorama has just created such a theme with the name AffiloTheme. It can be accessed by the public on September, 18th, 2012. For early birds there is a pre-launch, which is starting on September, 11th, 2012. I have already bought and reviewed several products from Mark Ling and came always to a very positive result. He delivers quality work, the product does what is announced and the service and support is also top notch. Continue reading

Massive Passive Profits Reloaded Review – discover how Autoblogging and Multisites work successfully in 2012 and beyond

Massive Passive Profits Reloaded

This product is launched on August, 30th, 2012 and has been originally created by Bill McRea and Mike Williams in 2010. Now Bill McRea has been working together with Travis Stephenson and both rehashed the complete product. The result is the second version with a lot of improvement and with the name Massive Passive Profits Reloaded. I know several other products from Bill McRea and they are quite good – not huge ground breaking but at least they deliver what they promise. No doubt, that both of the creators are experts in internet marketing and especially expert in important technical stuff. And both of them are masters in generating traffic. Continue reading