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Massive Passive Profits Reloaded

This product is launched on August, 30th, 2012 and has been originally created by Bill McRea and Mike Williams in 2010. Now Bill McRea has been working together with Travis Stephenson and both rehashed the complete product. The result is the second version with a lot of improvement and with the name Massive Passive Profits Reloaded. I know several other products from Bill McRea and they are quite good – not huge ground breaking but at least they deliver what they promise. No doubt, that both of the creators are experts in internet marketing and especially expert in important technical stuff. And both of them are masters in generating traffic.

My Massive Passive Profits Reloaded Review

The philosophy of Massive Passive Profits Reloaded is basically to earn a little money with a bunch of websites. This has for sure benefits and disadvantages. Sure it is easier to earn some dollars with a site and multiply the result with many sites than trying to earn a bigger amount of money with one or only a few sites. And in those days, where Google hits site after site and sometimes deliver even results of low value on the first page, it is connected with less risk. If you have only a few sites and Google hits them, your business is completely going down. If you have hundreds or even thousands of sites, it will not really bother you to loose a some rankings in the search results.

Massive Passive Profits Reloaded
So what is Massive Passive Profits all about ?

Basically it is a software or more like a plugin, that create a Multisite WordPress Blog, and have the capability to create Multisite autoblogs fetching content from different sources, like articlebase, amazon, youtube and many more, for a given keyword. It is actually pretty easy to create blogs that way and with the Mass Deploy you can upload a CSV-file with hundreds of blogs to create. This is for sure the heaven for Autobloggers.

You will here claims from some experts, that Autoblogging is dead. But it isn’t. Of course if you do it on the old way and produce mountains of duplicate content, you will not have any success. It has to be done a little more clever in these days. Here is, where Massive Passive Profits Reloaded comes into the picture. This system performs autoblogging in such a clever way, that even Google will have no reason to hit the sites. But what’s about traffic? Also for this Massive Passive Profits Reloaded has the answer. Traffic comes mainly by SEO and backlinking using some plugins.

However, it requires a little bit more than that to make it work, like a good theme (not included) and other plugins (not included) to help you rank better and get decent traffic. Yet again as autoblogs is a matter of numbers, the fact to build as many sites as you want in a matter of minutes make Massive Passive Profits Reloaded worthed.

The downside is that you’ll probably need a better (maybe dedicated) server hosting that will certainly cut your profits. And you need a little bit more work in order to set the right sites, with the right theme, and the right monetization method, and keep an eye on them. The bunch of sites is organized in subdomains and subfolders, which is not the optimal solution in my eyes. However, the method of earning a little money with one site and multiply this by creating many sites, works.

The initial price of Massive Passive Profits Reloaded is 47$ (maybe with some launch discount). There 2 upsells, which are not necessarily needed to make the system run. The upsells only enhance your possibilties and save even extra time.

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My Advice on Massive Passive Profits Reloaded

Massive Passive Profits Reloaded is another way to earn money online. Though it is connected with work, it makes a lot by itself and gives you the power to create such a lot of sites, which you never could do manually. So you should understand Massive Passive Profits Reloaded exactly as this: it is a tool, better a collection of tools, which give you the base of earning money. And exactly this it delivers. Massive Passive Profits Reloaded is not your automated cash machine, which will make you rich without any effort.

If you understand this, I can rest assured to recommend you Massive Passive Profits Reloaded. It is a huge timesaver and it will make you money. How much, this will depend at last on your passion and on your investment of time and work. As I already mentioned on the beginning of this review, products of Bill McRea are not miracles, but they deliver what they promise. If autoblogging is you desired way to earn some money, then go grab your copy by clicking the banner below!
Massive Passive Profits Reloaded
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