Syndication Rockstar Review – gain Authority in your Niche and get quality Traffic with the highest Grade of Automation

Syndication Rockstar

Sean Donohoe released a new piece of software on January, 31st, 2013 with the name Syndication Rockstar. This is a nice and powerful WordPress plugin, which takes a lot of work from you. In the case you don`t know Sean Donohoe, he is currently one of the most respected Internet Marketers, who is always searching for new ways and variants to earn money online. He is a master in creating authority sites and delivers always great stuff for marketers. Syndication Rockstar will give your sites a boost in traffic and longterm also in your search engines ranking. With all the big changes Google made last year, many people are still trying to recover. Well, Sean Donohoe and his students not only survived but they thrived, securing top spots on the search engines.

My Syndication Rockstar Review

This plugin is easy to install and follows the standard install procdure in WordPress. It can be used on any WordPress blog with any niche. It`s also jammed packed with a bunch of features that are perfect for new marketers and power users alike. Simply perfect for longterm success. With Syndication Rockstar you have the following advantages:

  • It`s 100% automated when set up
  • You do not have to be an SEO Expert (Newbie friendly)
  • It builds massive authority, rankings and conversions
  • It`s powerful, scalable, flexible and very easy to use
  • It`s 100% Google (Panda,Penguin) friendly
  • It plugs straight into your WordPress-based site
  • It can even generate high-quality authority content for you

As you may probably know, Google (and generally all search engines) hate Affiliate sites, because these sites do nothing else sending the visitor as fast as possible to the merchants site to make the deal. So these sites are useless and with poor to zero content in the eyes of the search engines (which is mostly even the truth). If sites have a very high bounce rates, it is a typical sign that they have low quality content. So the goal is to make visitors stay on your site as long as possible, to give them interesting and useful informations and to get from them even some social reward (for example they click on your “like”-button or tweet your site).

In order to have this user experience and at last your success, sooner or later you should be an authority in this stuff what you offer. Here is where Syndication Rockstar can help you a lot. Be aware that getting authority is not a matter of a day. You have to deliver consistently good quality content, and this can be really a time consuming and painful work.

Syndication Rockstar will do a lot more for you:

  • It can turn ONE post into 100s or even 1000s UNIQUE posts
  • This boosts traffic with every single post
  • It creates automatically DEEP one-way links
  • This will increase or recover your rankings and increase the indexing of your posts

Another thing is getting traffic. You can have the best content, if your site gets no traffic, it`s also useless. To get traffic is generally easy, but in most cases the quality of the traffic is poor. You have no advantage from thousands of (maybe even paid) visitors, which are not really interested in your offers. Also with this Syndication Rockstar will help you. It will increase the quality of the traffic coming onto your site.

My Advice on Syndication Rockstar

There are so many WordPress plugin out there which are partly helpful and partly simply to forget. Syndication Rockstar is a combination of all these important factors, which you need to make your sites successful. I see Syndication Rockstar as a premium WordPress plugin, which saves you a lot of time and moves your sites forward. Sure, it is NOT your automated cash machine. It is an extremely valueable software, which will help you to earn money. If you still believe in the promises of all those “push-button”-crap, you are wrong here.

On the other hand, if you want to improve the quality, the traffic and at last the rankings of your sites, I can highly recommend you this plugin. You will be satisfied with the results and you simply will have a lot more time for your marketing. You will be able to do more in a shorter time and and last this means you have best chances to earn even more. I personally will implement this plugin on all of my sites, I already started to use it on a few sites. I am amazed how it works. Again this is one piece of software from Sean Donohow, which I can highly recommend!

For any case you get also a 60 days full money back guarantee for this plugin without any questions asked. You even all the risk is taken from you and you have enough time to make it run. But I am already sure now, that you will have your fun with Syndication Rockstar and never think about it, if you make your business in a serious and longterm way. Syndication Rockstar really rocks!

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