P1 Video Magnet Review – a fully automated Video Software Suite for boosting your Traffic with SEO

Whatever on-page SEO techniques you are currently using, one of the most effective ways to boost your website SEO presence is through online videos. Many marketers still don’t realize how important video is for SEO. Getting your video ranked for SEO is always easier than any other strategies and simply producing high-quality videos targeted at your fan base will build backlinks very fast.

However making sure you keep a constant focus by producing high-quality videos and getting your on-page SEO boosted at the same time is never easy. That is why today I have something great to share with you again – and it’s called the P1 Video Magnet!

My P1 Video Magnet Review

What is P1 Video Magnet, how does it work and how will you gain? It is a powerful video marketing system on WordPress which helps you to curate and add videos to your site automatically. Just sit back and relax with just a few clicks. The software itself will take care of all the hard work for you.

The whole Software Suite contains the P1 Site Manager, the P1 Content Curator, the P1 Video Magnet WordPress-Theme, the P1 Media Creator and P1 Keyword Planner.

Benefits of The P1 Video Magnet Software:

  • P1 Keyword Planner – with this keyword organizing system, you get to save all the hassle of organizing your keyword in spreadsheets…you now get to import Unlimited keywords to your WordPress site with just one simple click
  • P1 Site Manager – a complete integration dashboard which allows you to do everything from generating posting to keeping your website SEO structure in place
  • P1 Content Curator – with integrated Content Quality Control technology, you will never have to worry about manually curate a high quality content anymore because it only generates Unique content from trusted content sources
  • P1 Video Magnet WP theme is by far one of the best USPs for this software and it will turns your site into a multi-million dollar authority site
  • With its Multi-layout Design – it allows you to make your website look impressive stunning by choosing one of the mobile responsive homepage layouts
  • With Social Conversion System – you can now easily obtain more opt-in from your email list and convert your subscribers into followers from any social sites
  • Built-in Motion Technology – it allows you to understand the INTENT of your website visitors and simply engage them with your other popular posts on your site
  • With Monetization system – you get to display any type of ads from banner ads to opt-in form on your site

Here are some FAQs about P1 Video Magnet to clear some of your possible doubts:

  • What is P1 Video Magnet?
    A powerful tool for blogger to auto-generate video content.
    All-in-One tool to set up blog (Theme, Content, Video, SEO, Keyword, Social network etc)
  • Who should buy P1 Video Magnet?
    Local Business Consultants
    Experienced Niche Marketers
    SEO Experts
    PPrivate Blog Network Users
    Newbies in Blogging
  • Why should I buy P1 Video Magnet?
    The tool helps you to pull unique video and generate video posting on your site automatically without you having waste time or hire outsourcers.
    It curates video on bahalf of you.
    You can launch a brand new video site with both it’s P1 Theme and Video plugin, and make that site one of your PBNs.
    and so much more use cases!
  • Does P1 Video Magnet Software come with Developers License?
    Yes, you can choose between the Growth package or the Enterprise package.
  • How much to get started?
    Price ranging from $19.95 – $99.95 depending on the types of software license
    Getting Started – (Single Site License)
    Growth Package – (25 Site License)
    Enterprise Package – (100 Site License)
  • Can I get a refund?
    Yes, it’s 100% risk free – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • How to use P1 Video Magnet?
    Enter a Keyword > Choose your keywords > Configure your post > Schedule your post… It is just that simple!
  • How does your P1 Video Magnet WP Theme look like?
    It is stunning looking and is a HTML5 mobile responsive theme ready for you to choose from
    Just this theme alone is worth your investment.
  • What kind of support will I get?
    You will get 24/7 support help from – Peter Garety himself, his team and other P1 Video Magnet Software Suite members

My Advice on P1 Video Magnet

Everyone who needs a boost in traffic by using SEO will need this product. While the investment is really low, you can get tons of high quality traffic by using SEO techniques. Organic traffic is much more targeted than many kinds of other traffic e.g. those from traffic exchanges.

Beside that, the support of Peter Garety is awesome. He is really dedicated to his customers. Furthermore you will get in touch with other P1 Video Magnet Software Suite users, who will additionally support you. I would not invest the effort to write that review, if I was not fully convinced of that product.

Learn more about the P1 Video Magnet Software Suite

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