Video Profit Surge Review – A powerful WordPress Plugin combines Video Marketing with Listbuilding

In this Review I want to share with you an amazing WordPress plugin, which is a “must have” for every marketer. It is called Video Profit Surge and combines Video Marketing with Listbuilding. Not only, that you can now monetize videos, it contains also an integrated autoresponder, where you can immediately contact your new subscribers. You can also direct them to any website of your choice.

Videos are great for related content and they are getting more popular by the day. They are also great for all SEO purposes. Above all else, videos demand interaction as it needs clicks and attention. It does not incidently happen, that Youtube has millions of video views per day.

Video Profit Surge Review

What can you do with the the Video Profit Surge Plugin ?

Well, as it is a WordPress Plugin, you need a WordPress site. WordPress is a free system and it is not difficult to setup such site – if you need any help, then get back to me please. Once your WordPress site is up and running, you can do a lot of things with Video Profit Surge:

  • Promoting any kind of offers fast
  • Collecting leads in no time
  • Creating social locks easy
  • Redirecting video viewers
  • Monetize your Videos directly on your Blog
  • Embed videos anywhere using shortcodes
  • HTML embed option is also available
  • Emailing new Leads with an integrated Autoresponder

You see, that Video Profit Purge is a complete system for Video marketing including the power of an autoresponder. You can forget external autoresponders and safe this money. Besides, the database of your leads is directly on your own server and not anywhere. You can easily manage, control and collate all of your leads in one place Without any additional costs. However, for those who have already a list and want to use an external autoresponder, Video Profit Surge supports all popular autoresponders plus any form code you choose.

In 7 easy steps you are good to go:

  • Select a video of your own or from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Add your optin-box and customize
  • Choose your autoresponder or select “Local List” to gather in-app Leads
  • Input your display text, choose position, colours and backgrounds
  • Add your social lock and choose your options
  • Add your Call to Action and set your choices
  • Save, view and embed your HTML Code anywhere on the Web

Here are a view examples how easy you can use Video Profit Surge.

An example for Social Media Lock:

An example for Call to Action:

An example for HTML embed:

An example for Lead Generation:

So Simple To Use: Video Profit Surge is laid out in a newbie friendly intuitive user interface.
Fast Easy Setup: With just a few clicks of a mouse you can be up and running in minutes
Email Sending: Built in newsletter system allows easy broadcasting emails with email throttle
No Autoresponder Needed: A local list saves on autoresponder costs for lead collections

My Advice on Video Profit Surge

Just imagine how many extremely popular videos are in the net and you can literally “legally steal” their popularity for your own personal lead generation, listbuilding and at last for your own profit. Let me be clear, that you can use Video Profit Purge for any video on Youtube and Vimeo.

In other words: You combine the proven profit pulling power of engaging popular videos with the interception to call your prospects to action right in the middle of when they are most engaged and involved. You are not directing them elsewhere and losing them along the way, so you are maximising your chances to pick up leads and sales.

And most important – you save time, effort and expense while you maximise your profits, because you don’t even have to make the video yourself. You legally leverage somebody else’s hard work with the power of Video Profit Surge.

I can highly recommend this tiny little yet powerful tool to everyone who is working with videos when it comes to promoting his offers. Your visitors will not only have a great experience on your website, they will also give you their email-address much faster. Video Profit Surge boosts your listbuilding and at last your profits.

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