E-Wealth Blueprint Review – Are you tired of Affiliate Marketing ? Here is a fresh Approach to make Money Online with only a little Traffic

E-Wealth Blueprint

has been created and launched by Matt Carter, an Internet Marketing Expert over many years and one with an outstanding reputation. I follow the way of Matt Carter already a time and I must honestly say, that every product he launches, every information he gives, every webinar he hosts has it`s quality. He is down to earth, doesn`t promise the “blue from the sky” and permanently overdelivers. Besides he is also a SEO-expert and knows very well how to rank sites in Google successfully.

The E-Wealth Blueprint is a unique system for creating profitable information websites that have all the benefits that people love about info sites, such as not having to deal with stock, customers, and being able to make money while you sleep. The course is a video training course, that comes with a premium WordPress theme that is designed for Lead Generation.

The theme alone is easily worth the cost of the course. It is highly customizable, with four color templates and a built in lead capture form that send the leads to business owners automatically. Usually I am very skeptical about any product in this industry, but E-Wealth Blueprint is one of those products, which I do not only review and forget it, much more I use it by myself.

E-Wealth Blueprint Review

Affiliate Marketing for a long time has been one of the most attractive business models for all the reasons I just mentioned, BUT, and its a big but, these kinds of sites are getting harder and harder to rank in Google and be profitable with. Not to mention the competition can also be high, as most courses out there teach affiliate marketing. Google Panda and Penguin did some pretty nasty damage to many affiliate and also Adsense sites. The key reason Google slaps these kind of sites is because they have SUPER high bounce rates, after all that`s their primary goal, to move people off the site as that`s how they make money.

What makes E-Wealth Blueprint so special ?

There are several reasons, why this system is unique and rather successful.

  • It requires Little Traffic: Many Gurus teach, that you need gazillions of traffic to your site in order to make commissions. This is simply rubbish. You have no advantage from useless visitors, who get paid to view your site, who are not interested in your offer and increase the bounce rate to make the situation even worse. E-Wealth Blueprint sites can make $3000 a month with only getting 40 visitors a day to them, so the traffic generation side is much easier.
  • Panda & Penguin Proof: These system is proven to overcome the issues of Google Panda and Penguin as the creator personally does a huge amount of SEO and understands these Google updates very well. Much more E-Wealth Blueprint guarantees you to avoid these issues, which many affiliate sites dropped to nowhere in the search engines.
  • Huge Potential: You can do lead generation in nearly any niche market in any country in the world, so the opportunity is truly massive!
  • Additional Premium WordPress Theme: One of the coolest things about this course is that it comes with a premium WordPress theme that is specifically designed for this method of lead generation. The theme is based on the own successful sites of Matt Carter so we know it works. This is easily worth the price of the course alone!

My Advice on E-Wealth Blueprint

The E-Wealth Blueprint was born from the own success of Matt Carter. He wanted to find a new way to build profitable websites that was not the stock standard affiliate or Adsense site. To cut a long story short, he spent the last 12 months perfectly how to build simple and very profitable WordPress sites that do Lead Generation.

The sites which are built, collect and sell leads to businesses. It works in 1000`s of niche markets, has all the benefits of info websites, BUT they avoid all the problems with Google that I mentioned above as they don`t bounce people off the site to a merchant in order to make money. This is crucial and also is the reason the conversion rates are SKY HIGH and require low amounts of traffic to make money.

The delivered WordPress theme removes all the guess work for people, as its based on the own successful formula of Matt Carter and is on WordPress which makes it very easy to use. There is also a members only forum so customers will get full support. The price of the whole system (inclusive the Premium WordPress theme) is 77$ (until 22/01/2013 there is a discounted price of 67$). This is a one time payment, no recurring billing and no annoying upsells either (which I appreciate very much).

All together I can highly recommend this product. If you are tired from the traditional Affiliate Marketing (with the problems discussed above and with the mostly high competition), if you are a Newbie and want avoid some frustration at the start or even if you are already a seasoned Internet Marketer – E-Wealth Blueprint is for everyone. Again: Highly recommended! Please click on the banner below to get more informations!

E-Wealth Blueprint

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