ARGWA Autoresponder Review – an amazing All-in-One WordPress Plugin provides you your own Autoresponder-System

ARGWA Autoresponder

Today I want to share with you something extraordinary. Maybe you are currently using an autoresponder service, like AWeber, Getresponse, Trafficwave and so on. Maybe your list is already growing, but same time are you tired to pay the autoresponder service fees months after months. And maybe, you don`t feel comfortable, that your list is somewhere on a server, where you have no direct access.

Now you can change this all. You can stop paying a monthly fee only for storing your list. You can grow your list as huge as you want without paying a further dime. And you can have your list on your own hosting account and you can access or export your list or whatever you want whenever you want. With the ARGWA Autoresponder you need only a WordPress Blog.

It is a plugin, which is an all-in-one solution for your list management. You can everything do and even more, what you currently do with your autoresponder service. The name of this all-in-one solution is ARGWA Autoresponder. And on the top of all there is also a FREE version of this plugin available!

ARGWA Autoresponder

My ARGWA Autoresponder Review

I use this plugin already a time for myself. I started with the free version of this plugin, but when I saw the power of ARGWA Autoresponder, I decided to buy the developer license. With this I am completely independent from any service. I can use the mailservers of my own domain. My list is stored on my own hosting server and I can access it whenever I want. Sometimes it is even very comfortable to export the list into an Excel-sheet for doing something further with it.

ARGWA Autoresponder is very easy to install. You install it as a WordPress plugin and you do it in the same way as you install any WordPress plugin. Once activated you will see all the powerful functions. You can create as many lists as you want and as many corresponding optin forms as you want. You can test several optin forms to find out which is the best and you can control in which of your lists your subscriber should be stored. There are literally no limits.

There are a lot of features you have with ARGWA Autoresponder:

  • Create as many lists as you want
  • Each list can have unlimited Subscribers
  • You can create beautiful Subscription Forms by your own
  • All messages (confirmation, subscribe, unsubscribe) are customizable
  • Fully compliant with the current rules by adding an Unsubscribe-link on each message
  • Page redirection for subscribing and confirmation
  • Single- or double optin
  • Customizable scheduling of your mailing queues (this fits to any outgoing mail-limit of your hosting provider)
  • WYSIWYG-Editor for creating stunning autoresponder messages
  • Customizable frequence of autoresponder messages
  • Click tracking and URL-cloaking
  • Import of leads from other sources
  • Export of leads into CSV-files
  • Easy message administration

ARGWA Autoresponder

You can use your optin-form within your whole WordPress blog. Means you can use it in your posts, in your pages and as widget. This is another great feature or ARGWA Autoresponder, because you are totally flexible with your optin forms. For each Lead you can also customize the fields you want to have on your optin form. Usually you will want to capture the name and email-address. But if you want to sell leads to companies, they will also want to get the address, the phone, etc. of your subscribers. Everything is possible with ARGWA Autoresponder!

My Advice on ARGWA Autoresponder

I must say, that I am a happy customer of ARGWA Autoresponder. I am very satisfied with all what this plugin can do for my list management. When you start to use this plugin you can cancel all your autoresponder services. This saves long term a good amount of money. And you don`t need to worry about the size of your list. Once you use ARGWA autoresponder, your list can grow literally endless without having any further costs.

For me it has been also a very important argument, that I store my list in my own hosting environment. So I am additionally more independent and don`t worry about shutting down accounts. ARGWA Autoresponder gives you 100% control and you are the REAL owner of your list.

I can highly recommend this plugin, however I would not recommend it for totally newbies with no technical skills. It needs a little knowledge of WordPress to successfully setup the autoresponder with all necessary redirections. But it is not a rocket-science and everyone who is familiar with WordPress can easily use the ARGWA Autoresponder. So if you want to be independent from any external service and want to have your own autoresponder system, then you should seriously consider to use this plugin.

There is also a FREE version available, however I would to recommend you to buy the very cheap Developer license. You get full and high quality support. Additionally you will get 2 nice bonuses. Visit the official site of ARGWA Autoresponder HERE and start building your own list today!

ARGWA Autoresponder

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