One Click Mobile Web App Review – a revolutionary WordPress Plugin which converts any Website into a Web App

One Click Mobile Web App

Mobile Web Apps are quickly becoming the standard way to deliver content to mobile devices. Unlike traditional mobile sites, Web Apps allow visitors to install your entire website directly on their devices – with it`s own custom icon on their home screen and a custom loading page start screen.Your app loads on the users device by itself through Apples own Webkit without a browser, making it impossible for the user to navigate away from your app quickly. One Click Mobile Web App is a unique way to keep your visitors much longer on your website and it provides an outstanding design for your mobile website.

My One Click Mobile Web App

This WordPress plugin is an absolutely inovative and easy way to convert your WordPress Blog into a Web App with a fresh style. It is developed for using with iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple device. Visitors can install your Web App with one click or touch. The installation of this plugin is extremely easy and equivalent to the standard installation for WordPress plugin. Simply upload and activate – and everything is done. Customer see their iOS Web App everytime when they use their devices.

So let me explain you the exactly steps, how iPhone users will use your new Web App:

Step 1: The first time visitors will visit your site normally, but same time with this an iOS-popup is presented, instructing them to install your App with one click. You can customize the popup-message as you want and offer your visitors a small “bribe” to install your App. The plugin auto-detects the visitors device to display the correct one-click instructions.

Step 2: Your Web App installs on the users home screen with a professional, fully custoimizable App icon. Not only, that users see your App everytime they use their iPhone, it has also a powerful branding effect. You are literally on the first place where users go everytime they need the service you offer.

Step 3: A custom start screen loads instantly when users open your App. As the mobile networks sometimes are rather slowly, loading screens are crucial and lower your bounce rate substantially.

Step 4: Your App loads inside Apples Webkit (and not in their Safari Webbrowser), which gives you the full control over the user experience. There is no navigation bar for the user to leave your site quickly and there are no other distracting browser buttons.

So how you create your Web App with One Click Mobile Web App ?

After you uploaded and activated the plugin, there are only 3 easy steps left:

Step 1: Your Popup-settings
Step 2: Your App icon settings
Step 3: Your start screen settings

That`s all – it is as easy as that! Furthermore the plugin detects automatically the users device and language settings and display the correct instructions in their NATIVE language!

So, what is the price of this small “miracle” ? Well, in the moment there is running a promotional offer, where you can get One Click Mobile Web App really dirty cheap: With included DEVELOPER license you pay just 37$ one time! There is one OTO, which is also very useful, but you don`t need it to make the plugin running with everything what I discribed you above. The OTO is only including professional sales material in the case you want to make creating Web Apps to your main business.

My Advice on One Click Mobile Web App

This WordPress plugin is a must have in todays time, where more and more people access the internet with their mobile devices. It is also a fresh and new approach for designing websites for mobile users and it substitutes the old style of mobile sites. One Click Mobile Web App is highly recommended!

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