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Marketing with Anik 2.0

This product is launched on August, 22nd, 2012 – the creator is a well known internet marketer: Anik Singal. He already released the first version of Marketing with Anik a time ago and it was well accepted. I did not find any serious complaints in the Net. And everyone who watched the work of Anik Singal a little longer will agree, that he always delivered good stuff. Now the second improved version of this product is available.

Marketing with Anik 2.0 is again an value packed and unique product, the core of the product is a comprehensive coaching program. You may have heard of Anik Singal, also in other launches, watched his videos, or seen his courses before. He is generally one of the more respected “gurus” in the internet marketing world and his previous courses have all been very popular.

My Marketing with Anik 2.0 Review

At the beginning of the year, Anik quietly released Marketing with Anik 1.0 to a select few people and the course was a big hit. Then he revised some the content and added some fresh tips and techniques and is releasing it to the public now as Marketing with Anik 2.0. The main product is a 15-week (yes 15 FULL WEEKS) of coaching from Anik Singal himself PLUS almost $5000 of previously sold/bonus material. This includes Affiliate Classroom (the industry STANDARD for Affiliate Marketing), Lazy Tubester, and Clickbank Overnight Expert Course. On top of that, you get access to 15 Coaching sessions from the original Marketing with Anik.

Marketing with Anik 2.0

In conclusion you exactly get …

  • 15 FULL weeks of training directly from the master Anik Singal. This covers all aspects of internet marketing and is great for beginning marketers and more experienced people too.
  • Access to around $5000 worth of Anik’s previous courses, guides, and bonuses. This includes the ever-popular Affiliate Classroom course.
  • In addition to the 15 weeks of new training material, you will also receive the 15 different coaching sessions from the original Marketing With Anik.

The price for all this above is amazing 37$ (CLICK HERE for discounted launch price 27$!). With this you cannot do anything wrong! As almost each product nowadays also Marketing with Anik 2.0 has One-Time-Offers (OTOs), which I want to summarize shortly:

The First OTO is a fully Done-for-You offer that they sold to over 5000+ students at $497 Course called Income Kick Start. This course was the ultimate listbuilding course and is considered the “holy grail” of listbuilding courses in the marketplace. And will be available for a one time discount price of just $197. My recommendation: As “the money is in the list” you should consider this upsell, if you can afford it.

The Second OTO is a $1997+ program that you as an affiliate remember promoting called Empire Formula. Empire Formula is a full A to Z building a successful Internet online business. And they really sold it for $1997. But with Marketing with Anik 2.0 Customers they offer this amazing package for a small price of just $197. My recommendation: It depends on you and on your knowledge, if this upsell is useful for you. Suggested for beginners, probably not really needed for each advanced.

The final OTO is another big money package. I consider this the most comprehensive SEO training package, I have seen so far in internet. From basics to expert training, they give it all to the customer. Originally sold for over $5000 to 20 select customers, the recordings are now available all this at a heavy discount of just $97. My recommendation: if you run your own websites, then especially in those days where Google hits one site after the other this is a great investment. I personally like this upsell.

My Advice on Marketing with Anik 2.0

If you read my other reviews you will agree, that I don’t make any hype about a product and that I try to review everything objective. I want to show you the benefits of each product, some of them have more, some less and for some of them I even don’t write a review (because I would feel sick in my stomach).

Marketing with Anik 2.0 is without any doubt a high quality product. And I my opinion especially the price of the basic product is amazing. To be honest, you should not pass on it. Not only because of the price, it is simply a high value to get a coaching from an internet marketing expert. This I don’t say from all experts, because some of them mislead you our give you only a part of the puzzle. But Anik Singal is a straight guy and I consider him honest. At least my experiences with his products did not show me the opposite.

So yes, I recommend you Marketing with Anik 2.0 especially if you are a beginner or still struggle to make money online. This course will bring you several shortcuts and will at last save you time and probably also money. You will discover what to do, how to do and – very important – what not to do. Go and grab your copy now by clicking the banner below!

Marketing with Anik 2.0

Additional Video available: YES, click here to watch!

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