Trust Jacker Review – use the Authority of Top-Websites to promote your Offers to a huge targeted Audience

Trust Jacker

This product has been created by Rob Jones and his team. The launch day of Trust Jacker is September, 5th, 2012. I have been one of the first who bought it and so I can already give you an overview how it works and how you can use it to earn money. Trust Jacker is basically a WordPress-plugin, with which you can do your advertising in a very clever way. The main idea of Trust Jacker is to use the authority of already established sites. You can use it with CPA offers, which will be the most lucrative way to make money in that way, or for any other offer too.

My Trust Jacker Review

The installation of Trust Jacker is very simple and is basically a standard installation of a WordPress plugin. You don`t necessarily have to have a website for public visitors. A standard WordPress blog is more than enough, that you can operate with Trust Jacker in the background. It means you don`t need to drive traffic to this blog, although you can do it, if you have interesting content. But the main thing is, that Trust Jacker works completely invisible in the background.

At first you will search top-sites of your niche in Google or any other seach engine. I suggest only to use sites on the first page of any search engine, because they have the most exposure. After finding such sites, just notice the link in a textfile. Now you should think about an appropriate offer. I already mentioned CPA offers. The only problem with the CPA offers is, that they are very carefully and you have to be approved by these networks. The reason is, that in the past such networks have been misused by some shady persons for increasing their profits. Most of the CPA offers pay per lead, this means if a visitor signs in you get already paid. I have seen such offers starting from 1$ per sign up and going up to even a few hundred Dollars per sign up. So you can imagine, that these networks must be very carefully in approving someone.

But you can also use any other kind of offer. Especially I think about offers from open Affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon and many more. The art of using Trust Jacker most clever is to find the optimal combination of the authority site and your offer. For example if one site is about a special subject concerning weight loss, you should be very targeted with your offer and promote an appropriate product (which can be everything from a physical product to a digital product). On my Video-Review page I have put some instructional videos directly from the creator of Trust Jacker for your help. Trust Jacker pops up your Ad (idealy a full page Ad), when a visitor leaves the authority site which you have chosen. With this you have your offer in front of the most targeted audience you can have.

For example here is the site, a high authority site, with an article concerning weight loss:
Trust Jacker
When the user leaves this page, this is what is going to happen:
Trust Jacker
YOUR popup with your offer appears on this authority site!
I think with this you understand the power of Trust Jacker.

Trust Jacker

Trust Jacker is a dimesale, this means it becomes a few cents more expensive with every sale. There is a single site license and a multisite license available. The price of both started at 17$ and have increased of course. You will see the prices by clicking this link: Trust Jacker Prices. There are also upsells, which will be especially very helpful for beginners. It is a membership in the Trust Jacker Mastermind Group, which includes:

6 Weeks LIVE Coaching with Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer, creators of the Trustjacker system and with Industry Experts. A sneak peak: In week 1, they will be covering everything CPA related along with their guest expert – the founder of the exclusive Cash Network CPA network.

Furthermore you get an exclusive access to the Trust Jacker Mastermind Facebook Group. Get direct access to Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer, creators of the Trustjacker system, discuss everything Trustjacker and IM related with your fellow members.

Whatever you choose, you have no risk, because Trust Jacker provides for everything a 30-days full money back guarantee without any questions asked.

My Advice on Trust Jacker

In these days, where we have to be already carefully in our choice with products (because many of them are really crapy), Trust Jacker is a great exception. As I use it by myself and know what it does, I can highly recommend this product. There are almost endless ideas, how you can use Trust Jacker – on endless different sites with endless kinds of offers. It covers your CPA marketing as well as your promotions of any other kind of offer. The only thing is to make a good Ad for your promoted product and publish the link wherever you can. For this there are also shortcuts in Trust Jacker.

The only downside of Trust Jacker is, that this technique doesn`t work on 100% of all websites. Some authority sites, like YouTube, The New York Times, etc. have installed so called “frame busters”, which block this kind of advertising. Though it will work on 98% of all websites properly.

Can you make money with Trust Jacker? Definitly yes. It depends on your offers and on your choice of the authority sites. It can happen that you will not be accepted by some CPA networks, but even in this case you can request for help in the support desk. The support works fine, I already used it several times for some questions. Besides, inside the members area of Trust Jacker you will be shown how to find trending articles, how to find your CPA offers and even how to find top-performing Clickbank products (with an amazing website). So if you offer products which people want to buy and if you publish your links consistently, then it is almost guaranteed to make money. Trust Jacker is without any hype a great tool for doing your Advertising and Marketing.

Trust Jacker
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Additional Video available: YES, click here to watch!

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