Commission Breakthrough Review – how to start your Internet Business on an easy Way with the right System in Place

Commission Breakthrough

This product has been launched by Reid Schoffelen and has already made a successful start by the number of copies it has sold in just a few days after its launch. I think that so many users cannot be wrong, but nevertheless before you make your decision to buy it or not it is necessary to take a review on this product to make sure that it meets your expectations.

Commission Breakthrough follows the way of several other products in this market and offers you a complete system of tools, with which you can start and expand your internet business. To have a good system in tools in place is vital for being successfully online.

The system is designed to take people with little knowledge of internet marketing and to get them to start making money online through affiliate marketing. The basic way Commission Breakthrough teaches it’s users to do this is to make small, one page websites that they can link to from Wikipedia.

My Commission Breakthrough Review

When you launch Commission Breakthrough you come into a members area, which consists of the following main functions:

  • Set up Custom Website
  • Niche Selection Secrets
  • Pick Your Income Source
  • Fill Out Your Feeder Site
  • Plug In Your Traffic

Step 1: Set up Custom Website

You can do this on two ways: You can let the product team of Commission Breakthrough set up the website for you or you can set up the website by yourself. Even if you have no advanced technical skills, it is not so difficult to setup a website as you may think. And once you have done it, you understand it and can repeat it always in the same way. Since there is already a detailed tutorial video given in the members area to instruct on this, you can do this setup-procdures by yourself.

If you want to concentrate yourself on other things, of course you can use the support from the product team of Commission Breakthrough. I personally suggest that if you want to do internet marketing in a serious way, you should be able to manage your own websites. You will have to do the basic tasks like CPanel installation etc.

Don’t worry about the technical terms because there is a dedicated support team for any case to help you out with any issues. Furthermore there are a lot of informations in internet how to easily set up a website. And at last you can also ask me if you need any help 🙂

Step 2: Niche Selection Secrets

For this step of Commission Breakthrough you will first have to download a Software. You find the download link in the members area of Commission Breakthrough at “Niche Finder Download”. The size of this software is about 28 MB and it is designed for Windows Users. I have no informations if this software will also work on MAC-operating-systems, so please consider this.

There is also some training for this software included, so it will be no big problem for you to learn quickly to use this tool. The software is basically easy to understand and it will not take more than 15-20 minutes for an average user to understand its usage.

Step 3: Pick Your Income Source

This step of Commission Breakthrough teaches how to sign up at Clickbank (this is one of the biggest Affiliate Programs in many niches) and how to find good products to promote. Basically this step is the all about getting affiliated with clickbank and choosing the right products. There are both video and text tutorials for this step in the members area of Commission Breakthrough.

So also an easy step without big hindrances. If you are not familiar with Clickbank you should know, that you don’t need to have any worries to be accepted by them as affiliate member. The sign up is easy, the usage as affiliate completely free of charge.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Feeder Site

Once you have selected your niche (Step 2) and have got a product to promote (Step 3) with the above tools of Commission Breakthrough, you will put up your site as described in the tutorial video in the members area of Commission Breakthrough. This will ensure that readers of your website will get enticed to click and buy through the products described in your website.

If you are a newbie it may sound difficult for you, but believe me it isn’t. Maybe the first time you will need a little longer, but you will soon see, that it is even a fun to set up own websites.

Step 5: Plug In Your Traffic

This is the most crucial part of Commission Breakthrough. Traffic is the life-blood of your business and it is not so easy to get targeted traffic. But Commission Breakthrough also takes care of this. You will learn about the traffic source which will bring visitors to your site. You will also be provided with some related FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) to clear the doubts. For any support regarding Commission Breakthrough there is a dedicated team to help you.

My Advice on Commission Breakthrough

The entire power of Commission Breakthrough relies on the traffic source. The best part about the traffic source given in Commission Breakthrough is that you can promote any website without having to do any sort of backlinking, spending moneys for PPC and all other boring stuff like this. This way it will ensure that you can generate profits for niches as per your need.

Concerning the building of your websites you are also on the safe site, because in any case you can the support team for help. All together I can recommend Commission Breakthrough for beginners and for all other people, who don’t want to care about the traffic to their sites. To bring traffic is a really powerful feature of Commission Breakthrough.

I don’t recommend Commission Breakthrough for anyone, who has not the patience to wait for results and to put a little work into his business. If you want to become rich overnight, this is not the right way for you (if you find such system, please tell me :-)) Commission Breakthrough is a solit product with solid, but longterm results. If you want further information, you can also visit the official site of Commission Breakthrough by clicking the banner below.

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