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DotComSecrets X

has been launched by Internet Multi-Millionaire Russell Brunson, who has helped thousands of students and internet marketers from across the globe to make money online. He started his business with a paltry sum of $20 when he was still in college. Now, he brings forth a host of Internet marketing strategies that guides small businesses to bring more and more customers and flourish their business in the online world.

DotComSecrets X offers a complete package of Internet business strategies and a lot of useful tools. It basically provides you with everything you will need to earn money online. From training and step-by-step guides with amazing tips, everything is offered by DotCom Secrets X.

With DotComSecrets X Russell Brunson has 5 main goals:

To help 100,000 people make their first $100
To help 10,000 people Fire their boss
To help 1,000 people make 6 figures a year
To help 100 people become millionaires

With such a big mission and the confidence in knowing that this system works, Russell Brunson took his $5.000 coaching program, simplified and improved it, and decided to do something unusual: You will pay your first dollars after 30 days, in which period you should already have made money. At the start you pay only 1$ for a special organisation (World Teacher Aid) and then you are immediately inside DotComSecrets X and can start to work.

My DotComSecrets X Review

I have learnt from Russell Brunson and his team a lot. DotComSecrets X is all around Listbuilding. I knew already before, that “the money is in the list”. But I did not know where and how to start and also several other secrets around listbuilding.

DotComSecrets X gives you a long-term opportunity of making money online and the success is guaranteed in 30 days or less, provided you apply the Internet marketing strategies in a proper manner as suggested. On each of these first 30 days you attend to a small recorded lesson and thereafter you have something to do from this what you have learnt.

So the key is: Build your own list and generate income with your own list (And always remember: “The money is in the list”). DotCom Secrets X helps in regular income generation by allowing the members to build an e-mail list very fast. Members are taught to use this list to make money online. The bigger your e-mail list is the more money you will make. Makes sense ? So it is important to keep your e-mail list building everyday.

For this, DotCom Secrets X provides you with a number of squeeze pages that are excellent to help build your list. Their sales pitch will inspire the viewers to enter their names and e-mails on these squeeze pages. Once you have a huge e-mail list, you can sell the products of DotCom Secrets X to your e-mail prospects. You need to draft a sales letter and send across your e-mail list for actual sale to take place.

My Advice on you DotComSecrets X

Let me mention first, what else you will need beside the tools of DotComSecrets X. While it provides you with excellent squeeze pages to help build your e-mail list, you may have to purchase advertisement in order to get viewers to these pages. But there are very cheap and even FREE traffic sources outside in the internet, which are not to compare with the prices of Google Adwords.

If you decide for paid traffic, you can get targeted clicks already for about 1 cent. So don’t worry about this point. Besides, there are a lot of paid and free traffic exchanges, where you can bring your offer in front of thousands of people. With a little effort you also can also use the biggest free traffic sources, like social networks, Youtube, and so on. But my experiences show me, that with (even cheap) paid traffic you simply will be more targeted and faster.

Each time you need to send attention-grabbing sales letter to your e-mail list. If you are good at writing, you can draft these letters on your own. But also in this case you will find a lot of cheap or even free pre-written salesletters in the Internet, which you only need to change to your needs.

So I can recommend DotComSecrets X for these marketers, who understand that earning money online is connected with work and some research. DotComSecrets X is a longterm opportunity to earn money online. The most important point in my eyes is the building of your list. And for this, DotComSecrets X is for sure highly recommended. Russell Brunson himself is a master of listbuilding.

Unfortunately must repeat what I say in all my reviews concerning serious recommended products: If you hope to become rich or even to earn some amount of money overnight or if you think you buy this system and can lean back, then I cannot recommend you DotComSecrets X. Unfortunately I also cannot recommend you another product for this goal, because due to my experiences it simply does not exist.

So if you are a passionate internet marketer (or want to become one) and want to put your passion and work into your business, then you should give DotComSecrets X a try. You can start for 1$ for the first 30 days! In this time you will have earned the money for the next monthly membership fee of 97$. This is not much for this what you get, believe me!

In the case you are still struggling after applying this system, there is an additional 60-days-full-money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. But be sure that you will not even think about a refund, if you permanently follow the steps provided in DotComSecrets X.

If you have serious intentions to start you online business or if you are still struggling to make money online, then you should take action by clicking the banner below.

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