How to make Money Online on a reliable Way – Viral Angels is a new longterm Business Opportunity with real Results

I get constantly messages from my contacts and even from (still) unknown people who visit my sites, that they simply can’t get the things together to be successful in Online Business. But I have good news for you!


  • you are desperately wanting to make money online
  • you are tired of the interest rates of your bank
  • you do you want to do savings for your retirement, your vacation or anything else
  • you maybe even interested in a fulltime living from Internet

… then you have probably found what you are looking for.

Viral Angels

I have been concentrated the last time on finding good and reliable business opportunities with a minimized risk and a good return. I have found several, but I decided to jump in into one particular, which is based on “real world companies”. It’s still internet based and almost passive, it is a Swedish based company which owns a private club with invitation only.

The name of this club and the company behind is Viral Angels. I attended to their live conference calls and had talks with other members and also with my upline. Bottom line is, that it fits perfectly into my strategy, that I only want to be in businesses, which are backed from several sites and deliver real results. Beside all that, it is a registered Credit Union, so all the business is 100% legitimate and ethical.

Maybe this is something for you too.

How does it work – my Viral Angels Review

Everyone of us is basically a shareholder in several companies. But the very special point is, that we are shareholders of PRE-LISTED companies, means companies which are going to go to the stock exchange. This is a very good position for us, as you normally you don’t get these informations early enough.

There are currently 8 membership levels, which decide how many shares you will get. But the best is the flexibility of the whole thing. You can upgrade and downgrade whenever you want, you can be active (paying your monthly investment and get shares every week) or inactive (maybe one don’t have the money and can’t pay, but you will stay on the same position and hold all your shares and only not get new shares).

Every Wednesday you get allocated new shares. Those shares are from real companies, a complete list you will find inside the members area. These companies are handpicked and with high financial potential! You can let your shares grow, buy some, sell some. But it is even enough to do “nothing” to suceed, because the company does almost all work for you. That said, you can treat this business as almost passive.

There is also a referral program in place, 5 levels deep. And you will get commissions for each active referral, equal in which membership level you are or which membership level he chooses. Means, you don’t need to upgrade to anywhere only because you should have at least the same level as your referral. No, it’s completely independent. And it is for everyone’s pocket: it starts from 39 Euro (of course you can invest with ANY other currency too).

At this point let me mention one important thing: Your success is NOT dependent from bringing in new people! Even if you do not want to refer, it’s perfectly fine. The money for the sustainability of this business does NOT come from member fees. In fact, there are NO member fees at all and ALL your money is changed into real shares.

Please watch this video for more information:

Let me give you an example: The investment for a Gold membership (where I am currently in) is 89 Euro a month and you would get 10 Euro each and every month for a Gold referral. So with 9 same referrals your monthly investment is already paid. You can also get higher commissions in the case your referral has a higher level. This is only an example, BUT you DO NOT need to refer if you don’t want! Your success is NOT dependent on referring!

I have numbers from a member, who is in since last May and I have as proof a screenshot of his account. If you are interested in this, I will show it to you later. He paid 790 Euro so far in monthy payments and his shares have currently a value of around 2240 Euro. All I can say is, that there are reliable owners, real people who don’t hide themselves anywhere and that there are no payment issues. Because you have REAL business inventory which you can change to money at any time! All is simply based on a real business with real results.

You don’t need to buy any expensive stuff upfront, you don’t need to buy anything else. All your invested money will stay YOUR money and will be allocated to shares, which are working for you. YOUR business inventory. No strings attached. And you do NOT need any special skills, neither in stock markets nor in anything else – everyone can do this!

We all can have direct contact to the headquarter of Viral Angels, there are weekly live conference calls, where you can ask any questions live. And there is also a private Skype group, where you can contact anyone personally. The leaders, the members and therefore also me.

It would be a pleasure for me to invite you: Join Viral Angels for free!

In the case you don’t know it already: You can count on my support! My goal is to make as many of us as possible free from financial problems.

Please watch this short Webinar to get a better overview:

For whom is Viral Angels for?

  • For people, who want to make money online
  • For people, who are tired of the interest rates of their banks
  • For people, who want to do savings for their retirement, for vacations and much other
  • For people, who want to let their money work for them instead of working for their money

IMPORTANT FACT: Any investment analysis always shows shares to be (with property) one of the top 2 consistent wealth creators!

Your Benefits in a Nutshell

  • REAL World Shares of REAL World Companies – that’s NOT a virtual Currency used only in Viral Angels, you get VALUE independent from Viral Angels
  • Upgrade or Downgrade your Membership whenever you want without any Penalty
  • Pause your Membership if necessary without losing anything (you will only not get NEW Shares, but your existing Shares will work as usual)
  • Get direct Access to the Leaders in Skype and in live Conference Calls
  • Trade Shares with other Members too
  • It works even if your are passive
  • Referring is NOT required to succeed
  • If you do refer, there is an optional Pay it Forward feature (PIF) for your Referrals – you can help them to get started
  • Not ANY of so called “Shifts” or “Program Resets” which move your Money to anywhere, because this is NO “Program”. You are an OWNER of Shares and therefore your Business is in your OWN Hands – Viral Angels make you to get the best out of it
  • And of course the best of all: You own high quality Shares with a huge potential Income Opportunity

At last I will give you a sneak peek of what is waiting for you. The latest hot company in our portfolio is TRIG.COM, which will go to Frankfurt Stock Exchange in May 2014. Trig is a Social Media company with a cashback system. As you know, Social Media companies have always done very well. But this is the first time, where Social Media and Cashback is combined. It is expected to go through the roof, once the shares are floated on the stock exchange. So now it is exactly the time to jump into Viral Angels and get those shares!

If you want know more about that, watch the following video:

If you have any questions, please let me know. Simply send me your message over the Contact-Form. I will help you moving forward!

Let your money work for you instead that you work for your money. Equal for what you need it. No hype, no bold promises, simply a real business with real results.

When do you want to make money if not now?

Viral Angels

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