My Top Tier Business Review – A complete different Approach to Internet Marketing with a 60% Success Rate

Recently I found a system, which I want to share with you here. Due to my experiences with internet marketing products I am not this person, who joins one shiny program after the other. But in this case I could not resist to join. And I will tell you why: This system is simply a proven way to earn money for EVERYONE, who is willing to put in some effort and work.

The name of this system is “My Top Tier Business” and it is not a cheap overhyped guru-program, from where you already know, that most likely it will not work. To be honest, My Top Tier Business is a system, which I have not seen before. Basically it is about selling high priced tickets, which results in getting very high commissions.

My Top Tier Business Review – how I started

The first time I became interested in it was, when Matt Lloyd (the creator of My Top Tier Business) announced, that he will literally guarantee everyone to make at least 1000$ within the first 30 days. Well, I thought, such bold claims I already heard sometimes. But the difference is his insane guarantee, that he will give everyone, who fails with this program, 500$ cash out of his own pocket.

Still not enough for me to join, so I researched My Top Tier Business quite a while and wanted to know, which products are behind. More and more I became overwhelmed, what this system was going to give me. Not only that My Top Tier Business is packed with 35 high valued products (and additional new products are frequently added), there is also a personal 1:1-coaching with Top-marketers and a professional sales team integrated. This sales team will make the sales for you in the future!

My Top Tier Business is indeed a proven system, which consists of 21 steps to your success. In each step you will find a video and a transcript of the content, which made me more and more understand, which mistakes I made. My Top Tier Business is a complete different approach to internet marketing and showed me, that many important things what gurus teach, are simply wrong or at least not suitable for beginners. It confirmed me, why many beginners are suffering with low or no commissions.

Sean makes $2198,50 in a single day with My Top Tier Business

Already after the 3rd step in My Top Tier Business I got connected with my personal coach over Skype, who is without any doubt an expert in this industry. He is already a 5 to 6-figure earner and he exactly knows how to do it. It was the first time ever, that I got access to such a high quality coach without spending some big amounts of money before. The only thing I needed to pay, was 49$ for the application form to get accepted in My Top Tier Business, which avoids that some freebie seekers join. By the way, this is completely refundable, if you are not accepted.

After continuing the next steps it will come the point, where you will become a licensee of this system. That’s great, it’s something like a franchise of a proven system, as you know it e.g. from Mc Donalds. But that’s not all, later you can access a so called Titanium Mastermind-Group and even a Platinum Mastermind-Group. You will get known the Top-Marketers of this industry PERSONALLY. There are yearly meetings somewhere around the world (on great locations btw) and you will have access to it.

Fay earned $1888 in commissions from just ONE solo ad with My Top Tier Business

Sounds all rather comprehensive, but after understanding these 21 steps all you need to do is to drive qualified traffic to the system. But you will not be left alone with this, Matt Lloyd and his team will exactly show you how to get high targeted traffic. You will be surprised, how many people are willing and ready to spend high amounts of money only finally to be successful in internet marketing.

Think about this example: For making 10000$ commission you would need to sell 1000 ebooks at 10$ (if they were your product). Means, you need 1000 customers, that’s not an easy task for many of us. But for a 1000$-product you would need only 10 customers to achieve the same commissions. Sure, it is harder to find a customer who is ready to pay a higher amount, but it is NOT PROPOTIONALLY harder. As result, it is much easier to get these 10 customers than 1000 who buy a 10$-product.

My Advice on My Top Tier Business

One thing you should understand, before you join My Top Tier Business: it is for serious internet marketers (and all who want to become one) ONLY. It is not for those, who search for the “get-rich-quick”-button, who occasionally are ready to do some work or who are even too lazy to do anything and assume that making money in internet is something passive.

However, My Top Tier Business is absolutely suitable for beginners. You do not need technical skills, BUT you need the right mindset. You need the mindset of someone who wants to discover something, who believes in this what he does and not to wait for orders like employees do and who goes his way to the end. With My Top Tier Business YOU are the business man! And you are responsible for YOUR business.

Tony made $3000 in sales from Facebook with My Top Tier Business

Bottom line: For all those with the right mindest and the passion to take action and to create a REAL business, I highly recommend My Top Tier Business. You will not need anything else for your success, if you are seriously behind it. I did not mention, that My Top Tier Business pays 90% commissions (!!) for each sale, 10% is going to the sales team, which closes your high tickets sales. The success rate of all who joined My Top Tier Business and took it serious, is astonishing 60% – this you get NOWHERE.

While many products, which I reviewed on my site, are pieces of a big puzzle, you will get the WHOLE puzzle in one, when you join My Top Tier Business. I think, that’s a great deal! So let me give you additionally to Matt Lloyd’s bold promise another one: Not only your Top Tier-coach will be here for you, also I personally will support you on your way to success – for FREE!

My Top Tier Business

P.S.: If you have time, then grab a drink and watch this video from the beginning to the end. Matt Lloyd will bring you the Fundamentals of successful Internet Marketing on your desk and you will understand, why My Top Tier Business is the best of its kind.

Last but not least you should watch this 5 minute-video from my Business Partner and Friend Rob Paris. Not only, that he is a talented musician, he made a jump start with My Top Tier Business. Any result can’t be called typical, but the doors for a decent monthly income are wide open for you.

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