Online Marketing Tools

On this page I have put together for you a collection of useful tools and products for Online Marketing. These Internet Marketing tools help you to save time and to get great results much faster than by doing it all manually. Yes, they are cheap, but same time they provide value, because I want to help everyone on his way, equal how tight the budget is.

Online Marketing Software

If your Online Marketing is based on an own Information product, a nice cover is a very important part. That said, here is your solution:

Easy E-Cover Creator

“In a world where everyone is obsessed by self image and looks, looks matter” And yes, people really do judge a book by it’s cover. Who Else Wants To Create Amazing E-Cover Images Directly From Their PC In Under 3 Minutes With Just A Few Mouse Clicks To Skyrocket Their Product Sales By At Least 72%!

This really cool software will quickly and easily transform your images into 3d e-Covers that will make your website look like a million bucks! If you have always wanted to create stunning eCovers for your creations but don’t have the time to learn to use complicated graphics software then this is for you. Easy eCover Creator can knock out your first cover in a matter of minutes!

Online Marketing: Easy E-Cover Creator

Looks matter. There is nothing more disgusting in Online Marketing than a website, where you can clearly see, that it was put together without any effort, mostly only to pitch a product. Professional stunning graphics are a “must have” in the todays Online Marketing world.

Turbo Power Graphics

Did You Know That Right This Very Second there could be a visitor on your website or your customers website who is about to leave because your graphics are sloppy and unprofessional. You could be losing Money all because of the graphics which rest on your website. Research has proven that website visitors are directly affected by the visual aspects of a website. Your website is the first impression visitors get of you, your services or your products. Maybe the graphics on your site are fantastic, but what about YOUR list members? Could they use a website package like this? With this Resellable graphics package how can you go wrong?
Online Marketing: Turbo Power Graphics

If you develop your own business with an own product, you need a support desk. Help and support do not only make your clients happy, they make them returning and returning again. With a good support, you provide a huge value for your customers.

Support Desk System

You’re excited about a new piece of creative work and itching to put your ideas into action. Firing up your computer, the familiar stream of e-mails pours into your inbox, burying the ones you didn’t get round to replying to yesterday. Scanning through the list, your heart sinks. Some of them look as though they require urgent action. You hit ‘reply’ and start typing a response to one of them. 20 minutes later you come round’ and realise you’ve got sucked into the e-mail zone and have been sidetracked by interesting links sent by friends, as well as writing replies about issues that aren’t a priority for you. You minimize the email window and get back to your project.

Does this sound familiar to you? Fortunately there is a way to get through your day without all the email hassles and that’s with the help of your own support desk. With it, you can outsource virtual agents or you can check them yourself whilst knowing which emails require urgent attention, which one is just chit-chat and which ones to leave aside. Having a system in place can save you time. Precious time. And time save is money earned. Set up your own support desk to reduce the time you spend tinkering with emails!

Online Marketing: Support Desk System

You don’t know how to persuade your visitors to give you their names and email addresses? A small bribe can do this job for you! Here you get a great PLR-collection, which you can brand by yourself and give it away in exchange for your visitors data. Everyone likes free stuff, it is an essential part of Online Marketing!

List Building PLR Collection

A complete collection of 12 brand new list building private label products.You’ll receive both the DOC and PDF formats of the report for easy editing! Including PSD Files For ALL Graphics, Keyword Swipe File, Instant Access To Affiliate Programs to Add In Your Reports, and a Premium Squeeze Page Template. Many of the report packages come with extra bonus items, including articles that you can use however you wish – autoresponder sequences and emails that you can instantly plug into your autoresponder saving you even more time!

Did you ever consider to have an own Online shop? You need need to look further, here is all what you need. It is even already filled with products, where you can immediately start to sell.

Download Shop

So you have been trying to get an online business going and looking through all the scripts, product requirements, graphics, ideas. You don’t need to look further! Here is a complete E Business in a box all ready for you. All the products you need to start. You can even add additional products to expand into growing niche markets.
Online Marketing: Download Shop

In Online Marketing you need templates like bread. Imagine to start with each and every project from scratch, that can be rather time consuming and boring over a time. Therefore you need a good template collection as base:

Template In A Box

Do you want to sell products, market affiliate programs, run a blog, create sales pages & squeeze pages, and not spend time designing & coding or money on contractors?cIf there’s one thing that all Internet Marketers need, it’s websites. And not just one kind of cookie cutter website, we need blogs and squeeze pages and sales pages, and we need them quickly, easily and affordably. But is there actually a way to get everything we need, all at once? Here it is, what you are looking for. An All-in-One solution when it comes to templates.
Online Marketing: Template In A Box

Online Marketing Knowledge

Online Marketing is mainly spreading your words around the net. Where can you do this better than in forums, where you will find a targeted audience.

Forum Marketing Secrets Video Series

If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of Forum Marketing, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity! This Product will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about establishing yourself in a forum, and gaining sales and a growing list of buyers in the process. It’s really that simple.
Online Marketing: Forum Marketing Secrets Video Series

Membership sites are a proven way in Online Marketing to make consistent recurring income. Once you have set up this vehicle, it runs almost on autopilot. You only need to provide good content to your members, everything else is fully automated.

Membership Cash Profits

Want to have an online business that easily earns you thousands of dollars every month? Marketers who have just started to try and make profits online don’t really know much about recurring profits. You see, if you look at the normal way of selling a product, at the most you’d able to sell it to a customer 2-3 times.

But if he signed up for your membership site? Well, he would have to pay a monthly recurring fee…and if you had a few hundred customers that would be a couple of thousand a month! The only problem you may face is how to set up a solid membership site that attracts heaps of customers to sign up.

Membership Cash Profits is an amazing guide that entails every single bit of information on how to set up a membership site from scratch to transforming it into a cash sucking machine that brings in wads of cash into your accounts! Just a few things you will learn are selecting profitable membership topics, different types of membership platforms and what works for you, membership elements you cannot afford to neglect and much, much more!

Online Marketing: Membership Cash Profits

In Online Marketing you will frequently hear the following sentence: The money is in the list. And indeed it is, all successful Online Marketers have one or several lists. If you gain trust from your audience, you can sell them almost anything. But beware to make some serious mistakes and drive off your prospects and customers. This guide will show you the right way:

eMail Marketing Secrets

A lot of newbie Internet entrepreneurs don’t realize one thing when it comes to having steady streams of profit – They need to consistently work hard to have new customers and after which, retain these loyal customers and build trust with them. However, most people focus only on the first part of the equation, which is to consistently work hard at bringing in new customers. They have no idea how to keep their regular customers happy nor have a list full of loyal, hungry customers who would buy anything from them without fail.

Building a list by yourself isn’t going to be easy because you’ll need to know things such as writing follow up emails, what autoresponders to use, etc. However you’re about to discover a detailed, straightforward guide that will help you every single step of the way. Email Marketing Secrets is a guide that has all you’ll need to create an ultra profitable list that functions as your ‘cash on demand’ machine without fail! Some things you’ll learn in this amazing guide include the tools needed to start off on your profitable list building, utilizing your list like your very own public relations team, an effective way to discover if the product you’re going to offer will succeed and much more!

Online Marketing: eMail Marketing Secrets

A squeeze page is the first and most important thing to build up a list of followers and future customers. It is a basic strategy in Online Marketing to capture at least name and email address from someone who visits your website. Here is what you have to do:

Squeeze Page Secrets

List building has always been and always will be one of the most powerful ways to market online. Building a list is neccessary, and understanding the anatomy of the proper tools is key. Are You Struggling To Build A List? Have you got a squeeze page and trying to build a list but conversions not what you expect? You haven’t got a squeeze and aren’t building a list yet but want to start as quickly as possible? You have a squeeze page but want more traffic and subscribers because you know that more traffic means more subscribers… and more subscribers means more money in your pocket!
Online Marketing: Squeeze Page Secrets

When it comes to paid advertising, PPC (Pay per Click) is one of the most effective ways to get laser targeted traffic quickly. Sure, you can trust that visitors come to your site by finding it in the search engines, but chances are that it takes a rather long time. With paid advertising you can speed up the things significantly – IF you do it right.

PPC Marketing Millions

Advertising with PPC is one of the most common Ways to get highly targeted traffic. But PPC-Marketing can be an expensive thing, if you don’t know exactly how to do it. When it comes to setting up your PPC account, there are a handful of steps that are required in order to have everything up and running successfully. PPC marketing involves creating your PPC marketplace account, compile a list of relevant keywords, tweak your account settings for optimum results, create killer campaigns that suck in traffic and effectively funnel traffic to money pages. This guide covers all these aspects and leads you to successful PPC-Marketing.
Online Marketing: PPC Marketing Millions

Especially as a newbie, you will not have the experience, if your offered products and services will sell. So it would be great to be able to predict it in some way. Well, here you are going:

Ultimate Survey Wizard

Are You Tired Of Guessing What Will Sell Online? Do you constantly worry about the product or service you’re offering and it’s possible success or failure? How would you like to be able to predict the success of a product and your website? Even further, how would you like to have your customers specifically tell you what they want to buy from you? These are all things that can be your reality when you Survey Everything. Become A Mind Reading, Marketing Psychic And Know Exactly What Will Make Your Prospects Buy Your Products On Command.
Online Marketing: Ultimate Survey Wizard

Online Marketing and Social Media

Social Media are priceless for Online Marketing nowadays. Twitter is one popular among them. You can personally connect with people, build up a good relationship and keep contact with them whenever you want. This leads sooner or later to a happy armada of customers.

Twitter Profits Unleashed

Social Media MArketing is one of the most effective Ways today to get a targeted audience. Almost everyone is connected with Facebook, Twitter and all these social networks and mostly logged in all the day. Some people look at Twitter and think that its another ‘fun site’ that is used for relaxation and games. This could not be farther from the truth. Twitter has exploded exponentially since its creation and now is a favorite choice or marketers the world over.

The question now is how are you as a newbie marketer going to make use of this powerful social media site to build for yourself a massive amount of fans and consistent profits over time? Fret not because here’s an interesting guide that will help you to do so easily! Twitter Profits Unleashed is a comprehensive, tested and proven guide that will help you generate massive loads of traffic and eventually, profits with simple, easy to understand and powerful concepts anyone can apply. Just a couple of things you will be taught are having a profile that attracts people like bees to honey, a simple but powerfully effective program that automates your tweets and sends instant direct messages, Common mistakes that marketers make in twitter, and much more!

Online Marketing: Twitter Profits Unleashed

Facebook is currently the biggest social media. With billions of visitors you have literally an armada of potential customers for your business. This is a whole own world for doing Online Marketing, but it is important to do it right and not to run into troubles. Here you go:

Facebook Super Pack

Above I have already introduced you to a Twitter pack, now I have to present you something great for Facebook. I have found the most impressive collection of tools, complete with master resell rights for Facebook marketers. Just check out all the products you’ll ever need to be incredibly successfull using this social media money making giant. Good tools are vital for Facebook marketing.
Online Marketing: Facebook Super Pack

Online Marketing with WordPress

And here is something, what you should have in your portfolio, when it comes to create and setup websites easily. WordPress became the most used system in Online Marketing and when you are a bit familiar with it, you will quickly understand why.

WordPress Website Secrets

Are you a whizz at website building? Do you find yourself trying to figure out how to get a page together for that hot item you wish to advertise? If the idea of learning html, and css has your brain running in circles, I might have found a solution for you! In fact, that’s one task you don’t have to fear at all. Perhaps you even know HTML, and have invested a serious amount of time in learning CSS. But the fact is that web coding is changing faster than you can keep up with it – every day!

The good news is: You really don’t have to keep up with HTML, PHP, CSS and XHTML at all! Take a look at why so many marketers are secretly using blogs to create easy “Make In A Day” Static Websites.

Online Marketing: WordPress Website Secrets

If you want it more “techie”, here is what you can do: write your first own PHP-scripts! With doing this, you take your Online Marketing business to another level. Imagine how valueable it is to make own, unique websites and features which no one other has.

Simple PHP Scripts

If you have been marketing for any amount of time, you know the value of marketing scripts. Have you ever considered the strength of having your own classified ad site? Or maybe an affiliate banner click site, PayPal store front, even an eMail subscription script. Scripts like these can create an affiliate army that can boost sales like crazy. Here’s A Package Of Simple PHP Scripts That Anyone With A Basic Knowledge Of Installing Scripts Can Handle.
Online Marketing: Simple PHP Scripts

Last but not least, here is a great WordPress plugin to deliver your bonuses automatically to your customers. Bonuses are a “must” for being successful in Online Marketing. Almost everyone waits for a bonus after a purchase. It can be rather time consuming to do this all manually. But you don’t need to …

Automatic Bonus Delivery

Have you been wondering why only a handful of people are doing EXTREMELY well as Affiliate Marketers? Have you noticed what these successful affiliate marketers have all in common when they promote a product? They bribe their subscribers and website visitors to buy the product through their affiliate link! They offer them a mix of BONUS Packages and REBATES to differentiate themselves from other competitors. This simple trick works extremely well and it’s responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for many product launches in ALL kinds of niche markets!

All the big names in Online Marketing are using this strategy to generate more sales for their business and you should too. Find something related to the product you are promoting and buy PLR to it.The word “COMPLEMENT” is the KEY word to make this promotion successful. Now that you know everything about this strategy, get this cool pluginright here. This software automates everything. You won’t need to send emails back and forth to customers to deliver the bonuses properly. This Plugin makes your life much easier.

Online Marketing: Automatic Bonus Delivery