Instant Passive Profits Review – find out the Truth about this Product with my honest and unbiased Review

Instant Passive Profits

The launch day of Instant Passive Profits is July 9th,2012 and it has been created by Andy Parker. I was already very skeptical, when I heard about the re-launch of Instant Passive Profits, because I got known this product almost exactly 1 year before. Instant Passive Profits today and the product with the same name 1 year before have nothing in common, only the name and the same creator. Last year I decided very fast to ask for a refund, so let`s go in depth and see, if the new Instant Passive Profits is useful or not.

My Instant Passive Profits Review

As I already knew the old product, I analyzed the new Instant Passive Profits very carefully. It already started with the sales video, when I saw, that the style of the product creator hasn`t changed. Ok, maybe it is good to make some curiousity today, so I very fast forgot this part with the paid blond actress. For me it was more important, what Andy Parker had to say. In conclusion he claimed, that the system …

… works fast and almost overnight
… runs 100% on Autopliot
… is “plug & play” and easy to use
… works with any Affiliate Network
… doesn`t require a website
… makes passive income consistently

Well, and here is the truth: Instant Passive Profits is basically a members area, where you can prepare your CPV (PPV)-campaigns. You can research the keywords and URLs, which will be good for your campaigns. The campaigns itself you will not directly do from the members area, you only get a list of CPV-Sources and you can sign up by yourself one by one. But this is not the most weak point. Much more the problem is, that – if you are already a little experienced with CPV and these recommended sources – you will know, that the traffic there will NEVER ever convert well. You will need a significant amount of money to MAY have success.

Additionally for most of the CPV-networks you have to make a minimum initial desposit of 50$, more often 100$. So if you consider to run your campaigns on different networks, you will have to prepare a couple of 100$ to start. But in reality it will the following happen: Instant Passive Profits directs you to dozens of CPV sites where you are expected to sign up for each of them and fund each one with $100. Then, you will have to find an affiliate program to promote. Then go back to each of these CPV-Sites and enter your affiliate program URL. Then sit back and watch as your deposits are eaten up on a rapid basis. CPV (also CPC) is a very dangerous thing, if you don`t exactly know how to do it.

My Advice on Instant Passive Profits

If you are not familiar with CPV and you don`t have an approriate initial budget, Instant Passive Profits is not this what you should use. Not only, that the sales video is extremely misleading (in fact it has nothing to do with the product), there is also the danger that you will lose some serious money.

Besides, when you purchase Instant Passive Profits you will get in touch with a bunch of upsells. I think I never saw so many upsells as with Instant Passive Profits. And unfortunately some of these upsells are even necessary to get the full power if the basic product.

So all together I do not recommend you Instant Passive Profits in any case. There are other products outside, with which you can do CPV in a more controlled and saver way. And I repeat that CPV is generally not the best way to make Affiliate commissions. The truth is, that with this way of marketing you can produce a lot of traffic for a website, but this traffic will not convert well, chances even are that it will not convert at all.

Nevertheless I recommend you to read my other reviews, because there are products out there, which are really useful. Some of them save time, some of them save money and if you do it as it is told you then many of them will even help you to earn decent money.

And of course you can also visit the Official Site of Instant Passive Profits with this link: Instant Passive Profits


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