Income Entourage 2.0 Review – my honest and unbiased in-depth Review without any Hype

Income Entourage 2.0

The launch-day of Income Entourage 2.0 is June, 4th, 2012. The first version of Income Entourage has been launched last year and has generally a quite successful history. Now Income Entourage 2.0 is here and it even better and much more refined. This is not a surprise, because with Income Entourage 2.0 the master of traffic Travis Stephenson works together with the master of conversions Jamie Lewis. Both are top-internet marketers and launched already several very useful product.

The last launch of Travis Stephenson has been the Website Automation Wizard, which does everything around building websites fast. Jamie Lewis was more concentrated on courses, Ruthless Income and IM with Jamie are his latest products. Probably you can imagine now what happens with Income Entourage 2.0, when those two experts work together. Income Entourage 2.0 is basically an affiliate marketing software with some special touches. This time, the product has been enhanced to include more training and more software.

Income Entourage 2.0

My Income Entourage 2.0 Review

The main point of Income Entourage 2.0 is to generate squeeze pages that will be automatically optimized for the search engines depending on the keywords you put in. You can also set some specials like a tracking code, you can add pop ups and social network buttons and some things more. The sense of all this is to build or enlarge your own email list. This means, that Income Entourage 2.0 requires additionally an autoresponder, like Aweber, Getresponse and so on, which will be connected with your squeeze-pages (aka opt-in pages).

At this point let me mention something off topic, what may be interesting for you. I have found a free Autoresponder WordPress plugin, with which I already work a while. Basically it does everything what you get from the known autoresponders services. If you are interested in this free plugin, simply click on the following link to get your FREE Autoresponder: FREE Autoresponder. There is also a paid version available (PRO-Version) and in the moment there is even an awesome promotion price for it. But I repeat, you can also get your free version without no restrictions.

So the core product of Income Entourage 2.0 is the Smart Creator Software. This piece of Adobe Air software (run on both Mac & Windows Machines) is designed to make website creation a few steps process. The software is laid out very well and very simple to use. It allows you to build either a video based or text based website.

Again each step is very easy! This is truly a point and click solution. All along the way the software guides you through each step and give you suggestions and solutions along the creation process. The true power of this Income Entourage 2.0 software and course is it the ability to take advantage of Facebook. With over 500 Million people on Facebook, Income Entourage 2.0 shows you also how to tap into this virtual gold mine.

My Advice on Income Entourage 2.0

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to build a good squezze-page, then the Income Entourage 2.0 will be of great assistance to you. Of course there are several upsells (and downsells), which mostly deliver enhanced trainings. You don`t need the upsells to make the basic product work. Take your time to think it over and decide, which upsell is good for you. It also depends on the level of your knowledge.

If you are just in your first steps with your internet business, especially the trainings of Income Entourage 2.0 are highly recommended. There are really experts behind the scenes, from whom you can learn a lot. Advanced marketers may already have a lot of tools which do the same like the software in Income Entourage 2.0 and they will already have enhanced knowledge about doing successful internet marketing. So Income Entourage 2.0 my be already too simple for them.

The only weak point of Income Entourage 2.0 is the sales video (you will see it on their Official Site). As almost always great things are promised, gurus are damned, and so on – but this don`t happen in this way for many people. But you don`t buy the video, you buy the product. So cut through the hype and see Income Entourage 2.0 as this what it is: It is a useful tool to save you time and to prepare websites, with which you can build you email list and earn money. The price of currently 39$ is moderate, and furthermore Income Entourage 2.0 is delivered with a 60-days-full-money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. There is no exit page discount, but I think for this already fair price there is no further discount possible.

Buy the product but please keep in your mind, that the best system, the best course, the best software does not make you any money, if you are not passionate and if you are not ready to invest time in your business. If you decide to use Income Entourage 2.0 give it a time and use it consistently, don’t jump from system to system. At last it depends on you alone, if Income Entourage 2.0 will be an important piece of your success-puzzle. If you ever want to know it, you should start to take action and visit the Official Site of Income Entourage 2.0 now!

Income Entourage 2.0
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