Commission Shortcut Review – read my unbiased Review and discover if Commission Shortcut fits into your marketing strategies

Commission Shortcut

The launch day of Commission Shortcut is June, 25th, 2012. Commission Shortcut has been created by Chris Freville, who is one of the big players in Internet Markting. He has been marketing online since 2005 and in that time he has helped his customers to generate over $3.5 million in commissions. As I am already longer reviewing different products I can say, that Chris Freville is certainly one of the fair players in this business. I don`t think, that he and his partner Mike Daniels will change this with Commission Shortcut.

Unfortunately there are a lot of reviews out there, which call almost every product a scam, although the creators of these reviews didn`t test or even see it. This is also unfortunately not the truth what they tell, much more it is a strategy. Same with Commission Shortcut. If you quickly call Commission Shortcut a scam you can write a “review” already weeks before the product is launched and so you will take at least for a time one of the first places in the search engines for search terms connected with Commission Shortcut. This is used for offering complete other products. Well, sure it may be a legit tactics, but it also puts a shadow on the reputations of honest review-writers.

Commission Shortcut

My Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut is basically connected with some kind of document marketing. It gives you a huge lists of reports, most of them have between 20 and 30 pages and they are prepared for several big niches. In these reports there are placeholders for Affiliate links (mostly from Clickbank) and Banner-Ads. Commission Shortcut only asks you for your Affiliate-ID and then it automatically prepares this report individually for you. It means it rebrands all the links and the banner-ads in that report specificly to you. As a result you have a complete report, which you can share in any way. You can give it away for free as a gift, you can collect leads, you can provide it in a members area in the case you have a membersite or anything else you want.

Commission Shortcut offers you also some additional training, so that you can discover the best ways how to use such reports. And much more you can duplicate these steps with Commission Shortcut, so that you will get a bunch of rebranded reports in different niches. Document submission is a rather modern way of advertising, and with good reports like Commission Shortcut creates them you can gain trust and even lead people to your websites and offers.

My Advice on Commission Shortcut

As a user of several of Chris Freville`s products, I can tell you they are loaded with value and are great for people just starting out or even intermediate marketers who want to take their online success to the next level. Commission Shortcut is generally not a new idea, but it is a great tool to save time in providing you marketing material. So if you can cut through the hype and understand Commission Shortcut as a tool, then you will be for sure satisfied with it.

Only don`t come into this mindset, where it is rather easy to come after the hypey sales videos. Just understand that a product around 50$ can`t make you rich by itself. This is against all rules of business. Nobody would give away something for this low price, if he is sure that you would earn thousands of dollars overnight with it. But this doesn`t mean that Commission Shortcut is a scam, for sure not. Commission Shortcut saves you time and creates for you useful materials for your promotions.

So if you see it like I do, I will rest assured if I recommend you Commission Shortcut. Besides, you don`t risk anything because Commission Shortcut is delivered with a full money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. So forget phrases like “mass money making monster”, think about if document submission can be a part of your startegies and visit the Official Site of Commission Shortcut now!

Commission Shortcut

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