Commission Killer Review – can you make any Money with this System ? Discover the Facts in my Review

Commission Killer

New launch of Commission Killer on September, 19th, 2013 by Chris Freville аnd Rob Walker! I know Commission Killer already from a previous launch, now they tweaked and relaunched it. It has been quite successfully last timeRob Walker already launched – beside other products – one very famous but same time controversal product in the summer of 2011. It was called Commission Black OPS and was basically one of the first complete site-builder-systems. Later then, in 2012 Commission Killer was born.

The first product was really a controversal product, many people used this product quite successfully while also a couple of other people called it a scam. I used it by myself and it was not a scam. But it had some weak points which were needed to improve. Commission Killer is based on this product and has exactly the needed improvements.

Commission Killer Review

Commission Killer is basically a complete system, which makes marketers who want to promote products in internet the life a little easier. Generally the functions of Commission Killer are no new ideas, but the special point of this system is, that they are all integrated in this one product. In the members area of Commission Killer you will find all the essential functions, what you need to make your sites for promoting a product very fast. This has the advantage, that you don`t loose time with basic work and you can concentrate on your promotions. There is a number of tools and even some useful bonuses.

Once you are getting started with Commission Killer you can download some tutorial videos. This is the first what you should do. They explain you step by step, what to do and how to do it. If you are a little familiar with Commission Killer after watching the videos, you will be going to download the software.

Even for the downloading, unzipping and opening the software there is a special tutorial, but it`s really a simple process. So also beginners will have no big problem to follow these steps. Another important point in Commission Killer is the choice of domain names and the domain hosting. Again there are step by step tutorials. Everything is easy and clearly to understand.

This is the members area of Commission Killer:

Commission Killer

The core of Commission Killer is the software. The software consists of several parts, these are

  • Start cash creator
  • Appearance
  • Clickbank product sniper
  • Cash ads setup
  • Turbo content
  • Turbo PLR

In using the “Start cash creator”-function you will have to fill in the login details for your domain. It may be similar to other systems and also to a former released product from Craig Kaye and Rob Walker, which I mentioned some posts before. Generally you have to type in only the basic informations for accessing your domain. With the “Appearance” you can choose the general layout of your website like the color or some visual settings.

For using Commission Killer you need a Clickbank-account. Clickbank is one of the most popular Affiliate-platforms and you get your account there for free (see The “Clickbank product sniper” will automatically grab products from Clickbank concerning your keywords, while the “Cash ads setup” will put up ads on your site embedded with your affiliate links. Every new website needs content to be indexed in the search engines, so the “Turbo Content” will fetch content to your website from article directories. For having unique content you can choose to spin the articles before posting to your site.

Additionally “Turbo PLR” will get articles to your website from PLR article directories. In Commission Killer you can set the auto posting frequency in the software. This is very important, because the content of your website should not grow too fast. Concerning my experiences it is enough to have one or two pieces of new content on your website every day. It sounds less, but it is more natural than you load a bunch of articles immediately. Search engines don`t believe and don`t reward it, that especially a new site will have so much new content at once.

Here is a quick look to the main-site of Commission Killer (which they also call “The Bridge”):

Commission Killer

As you see above in Commission Killer there are further some “VIP tools” in the members area, the Clickbank Product Finder and the EMD-Tool. The Clickbank Product will allow you to choose good converting products from Clickbank while the EMD-Tool will enable you to find Exact Match Domain names for your chosen keywords. Besides there are several Bonus-PDF-Files in the members area of Commission Killer:

  • Bonus killer strategies
  • Congratulations and welcome
  • Hot niche
  • Applying to US affiliate networks
  • SEO for real products
  • SEO articles
  • SEO checklist
  • Amazon profits
  • Clickbank launch profits
  • Clickbank launch profits seo
  • Clickbank launch profits seo checklist

So the bonus section of Commission Killer covers a large variety of materials covering various aspects like finding niches with high demand and low competition, ranking sites in search engines, utilising newly launched products to gain quick profits, promoting high converting Amazon products and much more.

Commission Killer has a dedicated support team to help out customers who come across any problems. I can`t say anything about the quality of support yet, because I didn`t use it.

My Advice on Commission Killer

I already mentioned, that Commission Killer is a product, which is based on the last year released system “Commission Black OPS”. Commission Killer is for sure much better developed, it is adapted to the current needs of Internet Marketing. So in my opinion it is worth to give a try, but only if you understand, that also Commission Killer is not a One-Click-Rich-Software. You have do your work, you have refine your promotions, you have to make your sites popular. Internet Marketing consists always of such work, equal which system you use. Commission Killer will support you in all this.

All together this system is a complete package designed to cover affiliate sites, content production and posting in just few clicks. Even if you are a beginner in internet marketing, you are good to go. The best part is the scaling scope. So, if you make just minimal 2 websites per day (average 1 hour for setup), you will end up with 60 websites in a month which will run and update automatically ensuring visitors and sales.

It is up to you to produce any number of sites depending upon the per day income goal you want to achieve. If you use Commission Killer consistently and if you follow all the steps, chances are that you will get back your investment rather quickly and make some revenue too. One thing is for sure: If you don`t take action, you will earn nothing. Nothing changes if nothing changes. So go grab your copy of Commission Killer now and start your business!

Commission Killer

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