My current Income Portfolio – Passive and Active Income 24/7

I am an Online Marketer and go several ways of making money online. My concept is to make some short term money on the one hand, and on the other hand I invest a part of it into medium term opportunities. The result is long term wealth. The beauty is, that all the businesses below you can do without recruiting and a lot of work. It means they produce reliable passive income.

Freedom in general is the key of a happy life. So I try to help as many people as possible to get at least financial freedom. The Internet is big enough and there is a share for everyone.

Business 1

Let’s talk first about my medium term business. It is connected with shareholding, but in a very special way. I participate in a Private Equity Club, where we get weekly allocated shares of high potential companies BEFORE they are floating on the stock market.

Imagine your results, if you bought shares from Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. on the very beginning before they were available for the general public. All those who did, made millions of dollars out of a small investment.

Business 2

Next, I want to share with you a business, which is one of my core businesses for making money weekly. It is connected with dropshipping, which is generally nothing new. But if you try dropshipping on the manual “step-by-step”-way, you will soon understand, that it needs a lot of your precious time.

There are also several pitfalls in that business, which you should avoid. That said, learning from a multi-million-dollar-dropshipper and automating this business is the key to success. And exactly this I want to share with you.

If you additionally want to find the best suppliers to create your own brand, you will find a link in the sidebar.

Business 3

Last but not least here is my most recommended Business for those, who want to make LONGTERM ACTIVE or PASSIVE INCOME 24/7. One of the core-products of this business are Energy tokens, which are backed by REAL ASSETS. Not only that they grow in value, they also pay quarterly dividends. And we will soon be able to trade them on an exchange, where you can sell them and get cash.

Beside that, you will see a generous compensation plan, where you can earn a lot, if you bring in new members and help other team members.

The company behind is a 11 y.o. European Company with the headquarter in Switzerland. I am in direct contact with the higher management and the founder/owner. Let me repeat, that you will get paid with money from revenues, which the company makes with their energy business (you won’t get paid with any money from other members!). A 100% scam-free Business!

It would be great to work together with you! I offer you my personal support, we will setup your income streams and work in a team together. So, if you want to start earning… when, if not now?

Contact me to learn more!

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