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You will find Reviews for a lot of products, which can bring you forward on your way. The main reasons to fail in Online Marketing are the Information Overload, the Jump from one shiny Object to the next and last but not least a lack of taking Action.

So make your decision to go a certain way, take your time to choose the best tools for it and take Action! Hopefully there is a lot of help for you here. And for any case - I am here too ;-)

60 Minute Reseller Review – Training and Tools for creating professional Sales Funnels to turn any Product to Profit

Today I want to review a product, which is specially designed for beginners and those, who do not have enough time or experiences to create professional sales funnels. If you are new in this industry you should be aware, that selling a product simply with promoting a link is by far not enough to have success. If you already tried that, you will have probably gotten not satisfying results.

To market a product on a professional way needs a properly created sales funnel. This is basically a system, where you give your prospect a front offer and if he is interested in this, he enters you sales funnel at this point. You can add upsells, downsells, one time offers to this funnels.

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Dynamic VSL Review – An income-boosting Tool to provide your Visitors a perfect Service on your Website

Today’s review is about a proven product from Rob Jones, the creator of Trustjacker. I am working together with Rob Jones already for a while by reviewing his products. All his products are down to earth, without any hype and work really well. I also reviewed and still work with Trustjacker, you can find my article here.

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Blog Perks Method Review – an exciting Approach for making good Profits with Blogging

My Blog Perks Method Review

Recently one of my friends (who I don’t talk to very often) caught up with me. Years ago we worked together on a different project, I almost did not remember him. Although he does basically something completely other to make his money, he told me that he had been blogging, and found a very profitable way doing that on a part-time basis.

But the coolest thing he was doing with his blog had nothing to do with money, it had to do with getting companies to send him whatever he wanted in the mail simply by being an influential blogger. In other words: He figured out a way to leverage what he does (blogging) to use that to shop on their dime.

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Who Likes Money Review – Using Facebook to get endless Streams of Visitors to your Offer or Website

Who Likes Money – the Product

Who Likes Money is the latest product from Anthony Morrison and George Brown. After you will have watched the sales video, you will understand, that Who Likes Money is centred around Facebook marketing. Social Media is the largest source of traffic nowadays, and so the intention to get a piece of this traffic is quite a good idea.

George Brown is a real expert, when it comes to get targeted traffic. You will see later, how he developed his business to a seven figure online business on a very clever way.

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Tube Cash Code Review – a proven Software to make some good Money with Videos

Tube Cash Code – the Product

The creators of Mobile Money Code, Easy Cash Code and Commission Cash Code are back with another product launch. On 4th of November 2013 their new product Tube Cash Code is launched. Because of the name of the product you will probably already understand, what this product is about: to make money with videos.

Video Marketing became more and more important the last time. Especially since Google took over Youtube, you see a lot of videos as results for a given search term on the first page of Google. Video hosting companies gain generally a lot of trust in the search engines. You can come to page one and even a get a good pagerank much easier than you would get it with your own website.

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Commission Jailbreak Review – Combining the Power of Video Marketing and SEO boosts your Commissions

Travis Stephenson, one of the well known internet marketers and expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), has launched a new product called Commission Jailbreak. It is available for the public now for 5 days and so I can present you an honest and unbiased review with my first experiences.

Travis Stephenson is one of the down to earth marketers, who does not launch overhyped products. In the near past he created real great products, like Commission Cash Code and Home Website Builder (which both I also reviewed) with over $10 millions of dollars in sales. He has over 10 years of internet marketing experience and has perfected his strategies in this field. He also takes time to support his students and make sure that they are successful.

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Same Day Profits Review – a clever Way to earn daily Money in Internet with Trading Binary Options

Today I want to review a product, which is not directly connected with Internet Marketing. However, you can make consistent money with it almost on autopilot. I thought, this can be another stream of income for you and it is related to the big subject “how to make money online”. If you are interested in trading Binary Options, then read on please. You will discover how to do it with less risk than the average marketer.

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Smart Recurring Income Review – how to start pulling in recurring Profits after 30 Days

Smart Recurring Income

A time ago I started my internet business and have done it not so bad so far. But there has been always one thing which disturbed me a little. Every day when I get up, I have to make money. I have to do something that creates income. The one thing that internet marketing does not have is a team that’s working while you are playing, sleeping or on vacation. There are alternatives, however. True recurring income businesses that create money for you, even if you are not doing it yourself !

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Commission Killer Review – can you make any Money with this System ? Discover the Facts in my Review

Commission Killer

New launch of Commission Killer on September, 19th, 2013 by Chris Freville аnd Rob Walker! I know Commission Killer already from a previous launch, now they tweaked and relaunched it. It has been quite successfully last timeRob Walker already launched – beside other products – one very famous but same time controversal product in the summer of 2011. It was called Commission Black OPS and was basically one of the first complete site-builder-systems. Later then, in 2012 Commission Killer was born.

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IMPho Review – the Internet Marketing Forum which takes care of their Members – Satisfaction guaranteed !

IMPho – Internet Marketing Phorum

This is no typo, this is the name of one of the fastest growing online communities when it comes to internet marketing. I have been lucky to be invited from Allen Payne, the owner of IMPho, who is doing online marketing already since 2002. Recently I went through many sections of IMPho and I have been really surprised of all the content. And much more I have been surprised about the members, who support each other and exchange a lot of ideas and concrete information to move forward.

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RSS Authority Sniper Review – your Way to impressive Rankings and massive Traffic

RSS Authority Sniper

Does your website not get enough traffic? Or maybe the most part of the traffic comes from Bots and your website has such a high bounce rate, that Google will never ever consider to rank your content well? Then you have found the solution now.

RSS Authority Sniper is the solution for content marketers, bloggers, blog flippers, niche marketers, SEO specialists and even offline marketers, when it comes to get real human visitors to a blog, affiliate site or even any kind of website you have.

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