Google Sniper 2.0 Review – discover the Way of your Success with Online Marketing and follow this Way Step by Step – it is easier than you think!

Google Sniper 2.0

This product has been launched by George Brown and is the updated version of Google Sniper, which has been released already 3 years ago. Google Sniper has kept its position in the market even of this period of time, so this is already a very good sign concerning the quality of the product. With the current updates this product is designed to work in 2013 and beyond. Google Sniper 2.0 is a really comprehensive product, so I apologize that my review will be longer as usual.

Basically Google Sniper 2.0 is a huge course and it provides you step by step information about everything you will do and need in being well ranked with your sites. Particulary these sites will be so called “Sniper Sites”, which will be explained later. Google Sniper has been developed and refined over years, so you can be assured, that it is a high quality product which works.

Google Sniper 2.0

My Google Sniper 2.0 Review

On the Startup-Page there’s a short two minutes video, where George Brown tells you how to go through the modules and what you need to do to get through the course as best as possible. Here you will also find links to the necessary software such as Adobe PDF and VLC Player. On the Google Sniper 2.0 Access-Page you will get access to the Google Sniper 2.0 Manual (which has about 104 pages). Don’t be scared about the size of the manual, a solid product simply needs a solid discription.

It is great for newbies looking to start earning money in internet and even intermediate to advanced marketers will find some nuggets. Inside the manual, you have sections which will take you to the individual videos explaining different sections of the material. If you more like to watch videos instead of reading manuals, you can choose to jump right ahead into the videos on the access page without going through the pdf manual.

Google Sniper 2.0 consists of 8 Chapters and I will give you an overview of each chapter.

Chapter 1: Finding profitable Opportunity Market and Keyword Research

For those of you who a struggling to find good niche or a great product to promote, after reading this chapter and watching the videos, you will have a different perspective. Even if you are a complete beginner you will learn all you need to know about keyword research and finding a winning product to promote.

Here is an excerpt of the stuff that you will learn in this chapter:

  • Based building site around one exclusive keyword
  • Why choosing the right sniper keyword is very important
  • 4 attributes to choosing the right keywords for your sniper sites
  • How many searches per month your keywords should have
  • Keywords you should never go after
  • 3 Keyword Rules you must always apply to get the best keywords
  • The only exception to the rule
  • What to do if you come across other sniper sites for your keywords
  • How to identify the true authority sites in your niche for your keywords
  • Which free tool you can use to identify if you can outrank a site
  • 2 ways how to find a good Root Keyword
  • The best place to go to find ideas for your keyword
  • Which keyword to finally base your sniper site around

It has been made so simple that you can’t fail at getting the right keywords. The way how the information id presented makes it very easy to grasp.

Chapter 2: Building the foundation – the first steps of Sniper Site Creating

This chapter is especially made for beginners, verything in this chapter is basic information and if you are an experienced marketer then you would already know all of these stuff. On the other hand though, if you are a newbie then you will benefit from the info here. This chapter is basically about choosing a domain name and registering it and then setting up your website.

Here is an overview of this chapter:

  • Registering a Domain Name
  • Why your choice of domain name is very important to your sniper success
  • How to structure you domain name to get high rankings
  • What to do if your domain name is not available
  • The type of domain names that are not recommended
  • 4 reason why you will use wordpress for your sniper sites
  • How to setup and install WordPress on your Domain
  • 2 free plugins you need to make your sniper site a success
  • How to install and activate your plugins

The information is very well presented and very easy to understand but as I said, if you are not a newbie then more than likely you know this stuff already. As a side note, I think it’s good that Google Sniper 2.0 still includes these basic stuff as well. Many times you buy courses and they leave out a lot of stuff as they assume you already know it.

Chapter 3: The secrets of 20% Conversion Rates – Creating a Killer Presell

20% conversation is cool, isn’t it? If you understand this chapter (and there is no doubt about it) you will also understand, that the Google Sniper-Site itself has a steady high conversion rate and it again confirms the quality of the product. As this chapter is full of important stuff, you should reserve a little more of your time. But once you are in, you will be overwhelmed by the content and will not even want to stop.

Here are the highlights of this chapter:

  • The concept of Preselling
  • Changes in Google Sniper 2.0 with regards to preselling
  • How to make your Presell FTC Compliant
  • 3 questions you must ask with regards to your website visitors
  • Practical examples of a high converting presell sniper site
  • How to know exactly what your visitors want
  • 3 types of websites recommended for your sniper sites
  • How to review products without being too salesy or in the traditional style
  • Example of persuasive sentences to use in your presell
  • How to start off your presell and where to put your first affiliate link
  • How to use both negative and positive points to your advantage
  • When is the best time to do a long or short presell
  • The key points to consider when writing your presell
  • How to construct a presell for a product you never used
  • The personal touch that will make your sniper site stands out from others
  • How to be perceived as an expert in your sniper niches
  • Why it is absolutely important to have an “About me”-Page
  • How one little soft selling trick can boost your conversion
  • What type of themes works best with your sniper sites
  • 4 things you need to look for when choosing your theme

In this chapter even experienced marketers will find new and useful informations which they can start applying to their pre-sells for my various niche markets. This chapter will help you essentially to become better at writing high converting presell copies. Google Sniper 2.0 did break down the material and give examples of what types of presell will work for different demographics.So you need this chapter if you want to create high converting pre-sell copies.

Chapter 4: Setting Up your Site for Google Domination

This is a short chapter and just gives a basic overview of what your Google Sniper 2.0 site should look like.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Overall sniper site structure
  • What exactly your sniper sites should have
  • Diagram showing constituents of your sniper site
  • How to get the balance of your sniper site to humans vs search engines
  • Tricky little way to make your sniper blog post titles for best seo
  • LSI keywords and how to use them to your benefit
  • Step By Step how to find your LSI keywords
  • Exactly how many LSI keywords you should use on your sniper sites
  • How to structure your links for best seo
  • How to configure your plugins for maximum seo benefit

The main concept of this chapter is really getting the best On-Page-SEO. It is explained that even though you will target one main keyword for your Google Sniper 2.0 websites, you will get majority of your traffic from longer tailed and sometimes very obscure keywords. Further it is explained in quite some details how to find the best LSI keywords and how much to use in your post. With this Google Sniper 2.0 gives you a better understanding of LSI-keywords and optimizing your pages for the search engines.

Google Sniper 2.0

Chapter 5: Affiliate Links & Maximizing Conversions

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Conversions are the most important overall. Thus you need to do everything in your power to prevent leaks. One way to do that is to make sure that your affiliate links are cloaked. Here you find everything you need to know about creating your affiliate links and cloaking them for maximum conversions.

Here is an overview of what you get from this chapter:

  • Where’s the best place to put your affiliate links
  • How to cloak your affiliate links
  • The tried and tested words you should always have in your call to action
  • Words to put in your links to trigger certain emotions from your visitors
  • Why it is important to cloak your links and exactly how to do it
  • The simple most effective way to cloak and affiliate link

This chapter is short one but very important. While nothing new or ground breaking is revealed here, you will definitely be more aware of link theft and other leakages and how to prevent them. If you are an experienced marketer then you may know these already but for a newbie this is an important stuff.

Chapter 6: Creating your Sniper Site step by step

Here you discover how putting everything together to have your first Google Sniper 2.0 website up and running. You find a flow diagram and have estimates as to how long each of the processes involved should take. This chapter is not that long and very easy to understand.

Here is what you will discover in this chapter:

  • How to write your content step by step
  • How to create you sniper posts
  • Adding meta keywords, meta description and tags
  • How to create posts, pages and adding Sniper-stuff to your site
  • The exact formula for building your sniper sites fast
  • Some effective Off-Page-Optimization to boost your Sniper site rankings
  • Everything you should do to your sniper site before it gets indexed
  • What you should do to your sniper sites after they get indexed

In conclusion here you will learn exactly how to put everything you have been taught in the previous chapters together. Once again this chapter is very well presented.

Chapter 7: Getting ranked and gaining Authority

The main concept of this chapter is to gain some easy High-PR-backlinks to get your sniper sites indexed faster. However, it is not essential for the success of your sniper sites, but it will give you some boost.

Here are the main points of this chapter:

  • What you can do outside of your sniper site to boost your rankings
  • What you need to do to get your sniper sites indexed super fast
  • Integrating a secret can dramatically improve your profits
  • How to get a handful of high pr backlinks to your website
  • The Google Sandbox explained

This chapter is rather short and in my opinion there should be provided a few more ways how to get high quality backlinks, which are still neccessary to rank your site better. All in all, if you are an experienced marketer you will not learn anything new from this chapter. If you are a newbie to internet marketing then these tips are essential.

Chapter 8 – Scaling your Sniper Sites to 10000$ per month

Once you have the system working, you need to replicate it over and over again to increase your profits. This isn’t anything ground breaking or new. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of persons fail to do it. Even some of you guys who will buy Google Sniper 2.0 will still not do it. It is simple and very effective – replicate your small success to get bigger success!

But let me mention, that something like 10.000$ a month cannot be one of your first goals. This is even a very high level expectation. I am always very sceptical in telling such figures. Sure, there are marketers outside which earn even much more. But let’s stay on the ground and redefine our goal to having a steady income.

Aside from the main content of Google Sniper 2.0 there are a ton of other valuable content in the members area. For example you will learn how to grow your little sniper sites into a massive empire of sites bringing in good money everyday. There is even an additional training, which shows you how to tap in to the CPA-markets and much more. At last you will find the Empire Module, which will show you how to outsource your sniper sites creation for cheap to exponentially grow your profits.

My Advice on Google Sniper 2.0

All together this is a great course for anyone looking to make a real income online. To be honest, it’s the best one which I have seen out there so far. Everything is well presented, the videos are high quality and the modules are very easy to understand and follow through. That said, I can highly recommend Google Sniper 2.0 especially for beginners – it is all what you need to have success, if you follow the steps. But also advanced marketers will find a lot of nuggets in this product.

You don’t risk anything except of your time in purchasing Google Sniper 2.0, because the whole course is delivered with a 60-days-full-money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. So you can only gain of all the content which Google Sniper 2.0 delivers. And I must repeat, it is a great and high quality product. Visit the official site of Google Sniper 2.0 by clicking the banner below!

Google Sniper 2.0

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