Buzzinar Review – discover how to create highly profitable Sales Funnels and build your List with a proven System


The huge problem of the majority of Internet Marketers is to build a stable business. Most of all who start even quit rather fast. The other few percent try to be persistent, but again most of them don`t earn anything. Or they just create some products to sell, make a few bucks, but don’t create a business to build stably. Maybe it`s difficult to believe, but the Internet is so large that everyone – yes, everyone – can make money.

I have already reviewed and analysed a bunch of Internet Marketing Courses. As a matter, nowadays there are more and more people creating products and training courses that teach others how to make money online. But could these guys help you to create a real business with consistent income ? Sadly the majority cannot, because they don`t do what they teach. Fortunately there are some exceptions, there are courses out there where you can really gain and – if you follow them step by step and do it consistently – you will earn money. Buzzinar is one of them.

My Buzzinar Review

Buzzinar has been created by Omar and Melinda Martin, who practise successful Internet Marketing since 2007. With their own system, they’ve already created several millions. Additionally they became an authority in Internet Marketing by founding of, an organization that is responsible for telling what is and what is not a good Internet Marketing product.

Let me mention first, that Buzzinar is NOT an automated system. It is even nothing near like that. Much more, Buzzinar is an Internet Marketing training course, in which Omar and Melinda reveal their knowledge to build sales funnels and lists and even provide members software tools, website themes and other resources. All this knowledge they collected over years with a lot of tests and tweaks, so it is extremely valueable.

What do you get with Buzzinar ?

At first there is all the training material – and this is pure knowledge:

  • An Ebook, that explains the viral sales funnel creation system
  • Professional recorded audio course for anyone who don’t like reading
  • Detailed videos which provide step-by-step action about the following topics:
  • The Buzzinar Call (recorded live)
    Funnel Building Concepts
    Strategic List Building
    The Autoresponder
    The Viral Squeeze
    Segmentation, Persuasion and Monetization
    Free Traffic
    Paid Traffic

And the second part of Buzzinar provides you powerful tools:

  • WordPress themes that are dedicated for Internet Marketing and list building.
  • HTML application for modifying squeeze pages (= pages where you collect email-addresses) and upload to your sites

These materials not only tell you what you should do and why to do that, but also they provide you how to do that by showing all in high quality videos. When joining in the course, you`ll find that the layout of the members area is extremely user friendly and a pleasure to navigate. There are no gimmicks or hidden upsells to worry about.

Buzzinar provides several levels of membership:

Basic Membership: You can start with Buzzinar already at 7$. This is the basic membership and already provides a lot of material. You will learn how to quickly create a sales funnel that virally extract leads, build your lists and make sales on complete autopilot. You will learn top strategies to develop profitable recurring backends.

Pro Membership: The price is 27$ and you will get additionally 6 step-by-step video modules to ensure that you master the sales funnel creation process and also links to resources for all this. You will further get a 10 page HTML-website that is specifically designed to create viral sales funnels. You can arrange the pages in a number of different ways to create several types of sales funnels. And you are also getting the Buzzinar WordPress theme with come with various design colors and includes the word for word pages layout for you to easily modify.

Mack Daddy Membership: The price is 47$ and with this highest membership level you will get access to the custom-built Buzzinar HTML-software application and WordPress plugin. These tools are easy to use and extremely powerful when inserted into your sales funnels. Additionally you will get professionally written autoresponder series with approximately 40 mails included. You can insert this in your sales funnel and segment your prospects into multiple buyer levels. And on the top of this you will get a crazy bonus which will put your funnels onto another level.

My Advice on Buzzinar

Buzzinar is made for beginners and intermediate marketers. Newbies will learn how to make money and especially where to begin. More advanced marketers who are already earning some money but don`t find a stable way to do it, will discover the solution to build a list and having their own system. Buzzinar is easy to understand and follow, everything is explained step-by-step. With the videos you will look the creators of Buzzinar over the shoulders. Besides, you can choose your favorite way of learning, because Buzzinar provides you with PDFs, audios and videos.

Buzzinar not only includes learning material, it also gives you many useful gifts that will make the course more value. For example you will get Web Traffic Pack, The Viral Funnel report and a lot more. Sure, it will take you a time for learning this all, but believe me, you will be rewarded. And you still will need practice in doing the steps you learned. But this is the way of business, that you have to invest something before you will make profits.

So if you are dedicated to your (new) business, I can highly recommend you Buzzinar. If you are waiting for an automated cash cow, which everything do for you, you are wrong here (and you will be wrong everywhere, even if some people want to make you believe the opposite). In my opinion Buzzinar is a most useful and complete way to step into your Internet business or to make steps forward if you are already there.

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