Video: Trust Jacker Review – how to create your Ad-Campaign – Tips and Hints

YouTube Preview Image – adding your own Ad-campaigns is the core of this plugin. It is very easy to do and you can create pretty nice Ads. Trust Jacker produces the links, which you should distribute all over the Internet. Inside Trust Jacker you can already share it with several social networks. But you can them additionally publish in articles. press releases and much more.

Trust Jacker

At first you will search top-sites of your niche in Google or any other seach engine. I suggest only to use sites on the first page of any search engine, because they have the most exposure. After finding such sites, just notice the link in a textfile. Now you should think about an appropriate offer. I already mentioned CPA offers. The only problem with the CPA offers is, that they are very carefully and you have to be approved by these networks. The reason is, that in the past such networks have been misused by some shady persons for increasing their profits. Most of the CPA offers pay per lead, this means if a visitor signs in you get already paid. I have seen such offers starting from 1$ per sign up and going up to even a few hundred Dollars per sign up. So you can imagine, that these networks must be very carefully in approving someone.

Trust Jacker Review

Read here my full Review and get the complete information about TRust Jacker:

Trust Jacker

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