Most Viewed Videos – Trust Jacker is a great tool for doing CPA, you can put your offer in front of highly targeted visitors on almost ANY website (exept sites which have frame busters, e.g. Youtube, New York Times etc.). Use the Authority of other Websites to promote your offers and make commissions.

Watch this video to get an Overview of the Trust Jacker plugin. It`s a fresh approach of using top-sites in the search engine for doing own Advertising. Concerning Sites with frame busters: In Trust Jacker you have also a test-function for each of your Ads, where you can see, if a certian site works with you Ad or not (98% of the sites will work).

Trust Jacker

Trust Jacker is basically a WordPress-plugin, with which you can do your advertising in a very clever way. The main idea of Trust Jacker is to use the authority of already established sites. You can use it with CPA offers, which will be the most lucrative way to make money in that way, or for any other offer too. Trust Jacker pops up your Ad (idealy a full page Ad), when a visitor leaves the authority site which you have chosen. With this you have your offer in front of the most targeted audience you can have. There are almost endless ideas, how you can use Trust Jacker – on endless different sites with endless kinds of offers. It covers your CPA marketing as well as your promotions of any other kind of offer.

Trust Checker Review

For detailed information you can read my full Review here:

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This article is filed under Trust Jacker Review – an Introduction into a great Tool for doing CPA-Offers using other Authority Sites – With Fast Lane Commission you can create pretty good looking Affiliate sites AND they also provide you the traffic on Autopilot. This is what I call an All-in-One solution! Watch the video, cut through the hype and see the benefits of this system. Dominate Amazon and Clickbank promotions with the help of Fast Lane Commission.

Fast Lane Commission

Step 1: It searches for profitable niches and keywords that you are interested in.

Step 2: It will present to you the following:

– List of Amazon/Clicbank products + details
– List of Articles/Content (available for spinning to create unique content)
– List of videos that will be used to create the money sites
– List of available templates that will be used to create the money sites.

Step 3: You select the products, contents and templates, then click OK. And a money site is created for up to 3 products with “Add to Cart” buttons.

It`s as easy as that!

My Fast Lane Commission Review

Read more about Fast Lane Commission in my honest and unbiased Review:

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This article is filed under Video: Fast Lane Commission Review – how the System works – Members Area Walkthrough and Overview – Trust Jacker pops up your Ad (idealy a full page Ad), when a visitor leaves the authority site which you have chosen. With this you have your offer in front of the most targeted audience you can have. But there are some points which you need to understand to aviod frustration and save time.

Trust Jacker

The installation of Trust Jacker is very simple and is basically a standard installation of a WordPress plugin. You don`t necessarily have to have a website for public visitors. A standard WordPress blog is more than enough, that you can operate with Trust Jacker in the background. It means you don`t need to drive traffic to this blog, although you can do it, if you have interesting content. But the main thing is, that Trust Jacker works completely invisible in the background.

There are also upsells, which will be especially very helpful for beginners. It is a membership in the Trust Jacker Mastermind Group, which includes:

6 Weeks LIVE Coaching with Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer, creators of the Trustjacker system and with Industry Experts. A sneak peak: In week 1, they will be covering everything CPA related along with their guest expert – the founder of the exclusive Cash Network CPA network.

Furthermore you get an exclusive access to the Trust Jacker Mastermind Facebook Group. Get direct access to Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer, creators of the Trustjacker system, discuss everything Trustjacker and IM related with your fellow members.

Trust Jacker Review

Read my full Trust Jacker Review by clicking this link:

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This article is filed under Video: Trust Jacker Review – a quick Guide what to do and for what you have to take care – adding your own Ad-campaigns is the core of this plugin. It is very easy to do and you can create pretty nice Ads. Trust Jacker produces the links, which you should distribute all over the Internet. Inside Trust Jacker you can already share it with several social networks. But you can them additionally publish in articles. press releases and much more.

Trust Jacker

At first you will search top-sites of your niche in Google or any other seach engine. I suggest only to use sites on the first page of any search engine, because they have the most exposure. After finding such sites, just notice the link in a textfile. Now you should think about an appropriate offer. I already mentioned CPA offers. The only problem with the CPA offers is, that they are very carefully and you have to be approved by these networks. The reason is, that in the past such networks have been misused by some shady persons for increasing their profits. Most of the CPA offers pay per lead, this means if a visitor signs in you get already paid. I have seen such offers starting from 1$ per sign up and going up to even a few hundred Dollars per sign up. So you can imagine, that these networks must be very carefully in approving someone.

Trust Jacker Review

Read here my full Review and get the complete information about TRust Jacker:

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This article is filed under Video: Trust Jacker Review – how to create your Ad-Campaign – Tips and Hints – If you have a WordPress site then you need to stop what you are doing and watch this. Jim Hudson explains this new plugin from Sean Donahoe, which forces Google to build link for you from top authority sites.The best thing is that this happens on 100% autopilot.

LOKI Link Builder

This Plugin has been created by Sean Donahoe, who is a well known and well accepted Internet Marketer. As long as I know Sean Donahoe and his products I must admit, that he always delivers great and useful stuff and informations. LOKI Link Builder is a WordPress plugin, and before I will give you an in-depth review I can say as a result, that this is a “must have” if you are running WordPress blogs. I am always rather skeptical with new products, nowadays almost every day a new product appears on the market. But LOKI Link Builder has convinced me without any doubts…

LOKI Link Builder Review

Read here my complete review:

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This article is filed under Video: LOKI Link Builder Review – a MUST have WordPress Plugin to increase the quality of Backlinks – explore the members area of Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0 here and learn everything about this commission making system, which will help you in promoting your products.

Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0

With new updates, training and techniques, you will find yourself doing your marketing much quicker and easier. The entire process is really easy, because your control panel is neatly organized and video training is just a click away. To setup the whole system you need between 10 and 20 mouseclicks. But please beware to think that it means that you will earn instantly money after these clicks. Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0 consists of tools, embedded in a members area, and it depends on your passion, to make this system to a success for you. The whole system is really rather complete, basically you will find everything what you need for your Affiliate Marketing…

Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0 Review

Here you can read the full review:

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This article is filed under Video: Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0 Review – Full Members Area Walkthrough

Viral Angels is a private equity club and a big opportunity for the small investor. You can do this business completely by yourself and do not need to recruit. However, bringing in new members will be rewarded handsomely, not only with commission but also with additional bonuses.Viral Angels is designed as a long term business.

You can be member of this club only with personal invitation, so I invite you to join our team. On our site you will see a detailed review. So grab a coffee and enjoy what we have to show you: Team Viral Angels . By July 2014 Viral Angels crossed the 20.000 member-mark. – if you want to build an email-list, then this system might be helpful for you. Discover the benefits of Chronic Profits here.

Chronic Profits

Chronic Profits provides the traffic for list building, which is left away from the two common traffic giants Google and Facebook, and this is the main secret of Chronic Profits success. It works by accessing to a mailing list of thousands of targeted buyers and selecting offers to promote. So, the source of traffic in the product makes it far better than other online marketing products. In other words: For a small fee you use other people`s list to create your own email list.

The system provides the e-mail marketing list of companies to help you to get started and adding subscribers to your list. These companies send out emails for buyers. In short, this is a non-website system that generates automated income by building good relationships with a list…

Chronic Profits Review

Read here the full review:

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This article is filed under Video: Chronic Profits Review – a fully automated System for Listbuilding – If you are a WordPress-blogger and if you want to earn a decent income with blogging, you will need to have a high quality WordPress theme, which handles for you many things, is SEO friendly and has a good look. Mark Ling from Affiliorama has just created such a theme with the name AffilioTheme with a lot of features for Affiliate Marketers.


And here is what you get with AffiloTheme:

  • Premium WordPress theme with 6 child themes (this basically means 6 different themes in 1)
  • Full flexibility with layouts, colors and fonts
  • Built-in header creator tool for stunning header images
  • Squeeze page and opt-in form creator tool with 4 different form options (Squeeze page, Full-feature opt-in form, feature opt-in form, and sidebar opt-in form) There are dozens of different layouts and color schemes available
  • Popover and exit pop functionality inbuilt
  • Powerful affiliate link redirect and cloaking tool to boost conversions
  • Free 1 month access to the exclusive Affilorama Premium program
  • 1 year free hosting for up to 5 Affilotheme sites
  • Excellent customer support – wherever and whenever you need it
  • AffiloTheme comes ready-optimized for great SEO and high search engine rankings too

My AffiloTheme Review

If you want read more about my opinion concerning this theme, here is my complete Review:

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This article is filed under Video: AffiloTheme Review – a complete WordPress Theme for your Affiliate Marketing with a lot of Features

!!! NOW NEW !!! 10 Second Sales Pages – same technique, but many additional templates !!! NOW NEW !!!
(You can watch this video, because it’s the same technique and still valid) – this is an amazing WordPress Plugin including 50 Sales Page-templates and 50 Squeeze Page-templates. You will never get short in your choice, there are many different variants of these pages, which fit to any WordPress theme. And it also works with any WordPress theme. Easy to install, easy to use.

60 Second Sales Pages

Frank Haywood is the creator of this plugin and it is really great stuff. Not only that the product is amazing, so is the price. Additionally he added two great bonuses. The first one is called “Snippet Inserter” and is also a WordPress plugin and basically allows you to create HTML snippets such as autoresponder form code or video embed code etc, and it then generates a [short-code-tag] for you to insert on your pages. The second bonus is a complete WordPress theme called “Multiple Streams Theme”. It has a lot of features, you can add widgets on many places and create amazing affiliate sites.

60 Second Sales Pages Review

You should take a look on the pretty templates. Click here and you will see them and get some more informations about this product:

Trig Social Media AB is the first company of our portfolio, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. On 1st of September they announced the Approval Of Prospectus for Listing. Exciting times are here ! If you want to know more about this amazing business, visit us here: Team Viral Angels

Ping Fresh is a very powerful WordPress Plugin, which will keep the content of your WordPress blog fresh and drive targeted Traffic to it. Here you can read my detailed Review: Ping Fresh Review – – this is a currently unique idea to combine your Affiliate offers with people, who are searching for a Work from Home. The additionaltwist is, that you don`t make global offers (where almost nobody finds your offer) but local offers. Chances to be found are extremely high and the possibilities to use this system are endless!

Get Money Here

The main idea is, that you promote your offers concerning making money from home on sites, where people are exactly looking for this. This can be writing jobs, translation jobs, paid surveys and many other. Your offers will not appear as nation wide or even global offers, your offers will appear on sites, where people are searching local jobs. This twist opens an endless variety of opportunities for you. You can promote your offers for every city you want. Each step is explained you in a high quality video. For watching all these videos you need maybe an hour, and then you can already take action …

Get Money Here Review

If you are interested in this, you should take action as soon as possible. Here you can read my complete Review:

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This article is filed under Video: Get Money Here Review – a unique Idea to use people`s wish for Working from Home for earning Money with your Offers

Here you can watch an example for Call to Action. Videos are great for related content and they are getting more popular by the day. Video Profit Purge is a complete system for Video marketing including the power of an autoresponder. You combine the proven profit pulling power of engaging popular videos with the interception to call your prospects to action right in the middle of when they are most engaged and involved. You are not directing them elsewhere and losing them along the way, so you are maximising your chances to pick up leads and sales. Learn more here about this amazing Marketing Tool: Video Profit Surge Review – What if you can make every week a website in a low competition niche with highly targeted keywords ? And what if you don`t even do the guesswork and get delivered a proven Keyword-List together with a bunch of well written Articles directly in your inbox ? InstaCash Keywords makes exactly this possible!

InstaCash Keywords

Basically InstaCash Keywords is a Keyword-Research Service, but it is not to compare with similar services on the market. But keyword research is not so easy, though it is the base of a good website. But where to start ? Which niche to select ? What`s about competitions ? Do I select the really cash pulling keywords ? Well, you could say, you have the Google Keyword tool. But does this tool really reveal untapped niches with exactly these keywords, where hungry buyers are already waiting for you ? To answer this question with my experiences: It does NOT! The Google doesn`t provide you these niches and also not these keywords…

InstaCash Keywords Review

Take a look at my complete review and you will understand the power of this service. Click here, to go straight to my review:

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This article is filed under Video: InstaCash Keywords Review – create weekly a new Business with the help of a proven Keyword-List

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