Who Likes Money Review – Using Facebook to get endless Streams of Visitors to your Offer or Website

Who Likes Money – the Product

Who Likes Money is the latest product from Anthony Morrison and George Brown. After you will have watched the sales video, you will understand, that Who Likes Money is centred around Facebook marketing. Social Media is the largest source of traffic nowadays, and so the intention to get a piece of this traffic is quite a good idea.

George Brown is a real expert, when it comes to get targeted traffic. You will see later, how he developed his business to a seven figure online business on a very clever way.

My Who Likes Money Review

The core product is a piece of software, which basically scrapes users based off of a keyword you choose. Then it inputs their Facebook-IDs into Facebook emails, so that you can mass invite them to your fanpage. With the current version, the software will scrape around 5000 users per run.

At this point I want to give you a warning: Not that this method is something bad or unethical, but take care that you don’t use it in a too large scale. What I want to say is, that it can happen, that Facebook will limit or temporary suspend your account, if you invite tenthousands of members in a day. So please use it wisely.

The best way to use to use the software is as follows. First, you set-up an admirer page centred around a specific keyword. It is up to you, if you choose a broad niche or a smaller one. After that utilize the software to ask those, that have liked other pages with the same keyword. If they “like” your page, you will send out articles promoting a product of your choice. This can be for example a joint venture (JV)-partner product, a CPA offer or simply the link of your website in the case you have one to get as many members as possible on your contact list.

All together, Who Likes Money contains 13 modules in summary. Each module has a particular area of specialization, but the main point is to learn how to drive traffic to a website or link. These videos cover a wide range of topics, they include video marketing, social media marketing as well as SEO and contextual marketing. Other techniques that the user ought to have acquired at the end of the course include strategies to manage paid traffic, either as “Pay per Click” (PPC) or “Pay per View” (PPV). For all this you will get a transcript and videos.

There really isn’t any reason why you should not understand the techniques discussed in the course. They have simplified the whole program, so that even a newbie will find the course interesting. The complete material of Who Likes Money isavailable online, so all that is required is for you to download the program. It also means, that you can access your program from any part of the world at your own convenience.

George Brown gets to show you the techniques that he has used himself, and which have steered him to a seven figure online business. You will also come across real case studies, that will show you how his sites have been able to attract massive traffic.

My Advice on Who Likes Money

Everyone who is interested in Social Media Marketing will gain from Who Likes Money. Equal if you are a beginner or an intermediate marketer, who needs targeted traffic, this product will help you forward. The only mistake you can make is this one which I mentioned above, so do not spam thousands of Facebook members. The software itself gives you very valuable information by providing the IDs of the people, who exactly search for the keyword you target. So you can’t be closer to your prospects.

I know already other products of the Morrison-group and I can honestly say, that even if they are not groundbreaking, they all contain useful informations and tools. Who Likes Money is be very helpful, when it comes to find targeted audience on Facebook. You will gain a lot of great data, which you could never get in such a short time. There are almost no limits, because Facebook is the largest online community in the world. Without any doubt I can recommend you this product, if you understand, that there is work and effort involved to have success. And besides, each product needs some time to give you the results you want. Simply click the banner below to get started.

Who Likes Money

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