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has been launched by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz and is a webbased system which gives you 22 easy-to-use software tools to get instant exposure and fast free traffic to any site in any niche. Since there are over 3 billion online searches each day, people are probably looking for whatever you’re selling. If you have the best solution for what they want, the search engines would love to send these prospects to you.

Unfortunately, most site owners don’t have any idea how to properly present their site to get the most free traffic and best leads that can quickly turn into customers. If you’re one of them, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. What you’ve been lacking before you found WebFire was both the knowledge how to get your best prospects to find your site, and the software tools to turn that knowledge into fast results. WebFire helps you get exposure, leads and customers with just a few minutes of focused effort instead of the days or weeks that used to be required.


My WebFire Review

WebFire is a membership, where you have permanent access to 22 Traffic Getting Software Tools. You can promote unlimited websites and beside all you get a World Class Training and Support. The tools inside the members area of WebFire allow you to automate, analyze, and take action to promote your website online business to achieve the results you deserve.

The Benefits of WebFire

  • Get your brand, site, and products instantly exposed on top ranking sites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Beat out the MILLIONS of people competing for the coveted Page 1 spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Quickly find new leads that you can turn into new customers.
  • Create unique videos automatically from any text.
  • Submit your videos to high traffic sites like YouTube and get your video indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Discover hidden (usually expensive) gaps in your online marketing plan.
  • Acquire High-Ranking domains for a fraction of what they are worth.
  • Uncover the sites where your prospects are already asking questions in preparation for buying.
  • Post online press releases for valuable exposure, free traffic and high quality backlinks.
  • Discover the higest traffic, easiest-to-rank-for keywords so you can get more free traffic fast.
  • Easily create hundreds of unique articles you can use on your blog or site, post on other blogs or sites, use in your newsletter or automatically turn into videos.
  • Submit your articles to the top article sites.
  • In just a few minutes, find all the top ranked blogs, forums and Q&A sites in your niche where you can leave a comment, post or reply for instant exposure, leads, and high quality backlinks.
  • Create a list of all the blogs and forums in your niche that have activity in recent days so you can get your message out to the active people in your market.
  • Research the best domain name for quickly getting high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Analyze and correct your website to improve your title, tags, and other content to give you the best search engine rankings for your targeted keyword.
  • Submit your site to top search engines whenever you have updates for them to review and index.
  • Get high rankings to compete with established competitors (before they even see you coming).


As WebFire is a webbased system, you can use it within all operating systems, where you have access to internet (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.). So you have nothing to install on your computer. Using WebFire is easy, even newbies will have no problem to use the tools and navigate in the members area.

The membership for WebFire is basically paid monthly, there are payment plans are for payment montly, twice a year and once a year. The longer you pay in advance, the more you save (Details you will find on the Official Site of WebFire.

Before I give you any recommendation, let me mention some more details of WebFire. It starts with searching the right keywords, where you where you already see the quality of the product. You just type the keyword into the query box, along with your site’s URL, and after a few moments you will get a quick summary report of the ease of your keyword that you want to rank for.

Graphis signs show you with one view for which keyword you should be interested. And WebFire gives you even suggestions to varied keywords if competition looks too high for a certain search phrase that you’ve entered. It gives you a list of related keywords and even displays your ability to rank then.

Furthermore WebFire will to a back-link comparison. It tells you the averages across the top ten search results of the first page of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and gives you in-depth results on how to beat your competitors. You can also spit out an advanced report that is highly detailed for a more comprehensive breakdown and analysis to ensure you get good rankings.

SEO valued images? Not a problem… alt tags for images for the top then results are shown and even shows the image itself within the dashboard. WebFire can also generate category specific content and paste it directly into your site!

But the best comes now and this I have rarely seen in any other product: WebFire contains a magic video tool. You provide a normal written article to this tool and within a view moments it generates a video as a slideshow with the text of this article. You can even choose, if you want a male or female voice for a video. I think you get the point: You can generate videos wih you articles and upload them to Youtube (also provided in the members area) and with this videos you have another chance to rank in the search engines. And it means viral traffic!

My Advice on WebFire

All above is only a sneak peek from what you will get. WebFire is the most comprehensive system for everything around exposing your websites, which I have not often seen before. Basically I am quite skeptical, when I test and review a product. But to be honest, it makes even fun to review WebFire, because the system is simply full of quality tools.

So I can highly recommend you WebFire, if you are seriously intended to make your internet business and if you have the passion for it. WebFire is not to compare with those crapy products, which have been launched in the last time. You will not be rich overnight, but I am sure, that you will make a steady income after a while. Of course it needs work – you can’t subscribe, lean back, do nothing and wait for the money coming in. As any business, online marketing needs steady work if you want to expand your business and keep it in good conditions.


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