The Intervestor Review – Read my honest and in-depth Review and take advance of this powerful system

The Intervestor

The Intervestor is launched on June, 5th, 2012 by Eric Roberts, Chris Jones and Cindy Battye and will basically show you how to “inter-vest” and buy, sell, and hold website and earn instant cash in 30 days or less. Before I will start my in-depth review, I want to show you some samples of REAL persons, who are already intervestors thanks to The Intervestor.

There are thousands of websites out there right now which are already producing returns in the order of 30-100%+. We have seen first hand websites returning over 1,000% in only a matter of months – not years!

There are plenty of examples of this, including but not limited to:

– Dave Hermansen who bought for $1,800 and in the space of 3 years sold it for $173,000. That’s profit of over 3,000% p.a.
– Peter Davis bought a forum about day care centers for $1,500 and sold it SIX HOURS later for $3,500 for a profit of 133%
– David Jenyns purchased for the meagre sum of $10 and sold for $10,000 after spending $100 to have SEO-friendly articles written for the site, resulting in a profit of 8991%
– Matt Barrie bought a website in 2009 called over a 3 year period he rebranded the site, renamed it and now it turns over over $40 million p.a.

Maybe you have a slight view of the power of this business now. So let us take a deeper look into The Intervestor system.

The Intervestor

The Intervestor Review

When you purchase The Intervestor you will come into the members area of The Intervestor, the so called “Inner Circle”, where you will find everything you need. You will get live webinars each week, where they help you to understand, how to go from starting The Intervestor to getting your first website within 30 days. This is the clearly goal of The Intervestor.

The members area is structured into several main points. The first is “Start here”, which has a step-by-step guide of what to do. This guide you can also download as PDF and it shows you step-by-step how to become a successful intervestor in 3 days. Another point of this members area is a comprehensive explanation what intervesting is. You will discover the backgrounds of intervesting.

The third part of the members area of The Intervestor is called “The Academy”, which contains 10 modules:

– In the beginning
– Where to start
– Learn your ABC`s
– Buying Sites
– Researching the Site
– Spend it to make it
– Show me the Money
– Transferring
– Build it Up
– The Trickier Stuff

At the end of this academy there will be checkpoints and quizes. If you have done them you will get a certificate from them saying that you are an official intervestor.

Additionally you will find a tool-section in the members area of The Intervestor, which will help you with your intervesting business. There is a built-in option system, where you have instant access to domains where you can make your intervesting. This is a very informative and useful list, it shows you the bids on a domain, how many money was lately earned with this domain and you can even take a look on all those websites. Inside this tool-section of The Intervestor you will also find site- and domain-tools, such as Websites for Sale, Brokered Listings and most popular searches. Furthermore you can take a look into all Stats and Data, like Sales Price Statisitcs, Listing Data, Quoted Figures and Seller Data. At last you can in this tool-section also evaluate the websites and you get SEM Rush-Reports, Estibot-Reports, Website Auction History and Site Portfolio. You can even compare several websites with this tools.

Another useful section of the members area of The Intervestor is the resources-section. Here you find all the document templates you need, live events and bonus training modules. Very important also is the support. A complete modern support system is integrated in The Intervestor, so that you can get any help you need. Additionaly there is a community area, where you can take part in the community and exchange informations with The Intervestor members.

It means you will get answers to your questions whenever you need it. And much more you will be even rewarded with prices, if you answer questions from other members and help them to become successful intervestors. You have to make a one-time-payment to become an intervestor, which wasn`t not fixed at review time. For using the members area of The Intervestor you will have to make a monthly payment of 97$. They also offer a payment for a whole year, which reduces the costs for one month.

My Advice on The Intervestor

I had the chance to review The Intervestor before launch and can only say, that it is a great system, built from the ground up. Everything is web-based, so you can use it on any computer or device, where you have an internet connection. It is completely independent from the operating system. There is also an additional physical product, which was not finished yet in the review time. Don`t be scared about all the possibilities you will have using The Intervestor. My review is very comprehensive, but you can start with The Intervestor without any skills.

Overall The Intervestor is something different in comparision to the offers what you see everyday. After my review I can say, that intervesting is not only a business, it is also a profession. So if you are ready to learn something new from the ground and make soon money with this, then I can highly recommend you The Intervestor. You don`t need anything of the usual stuff – no website, no thoughts about traffic and backlinking, no blogging, no listbuilding. I think the monthly payment is rather moderate and you should cover the costs already in the first days. So take action and visit the Official Site of The Intervestor now!

The Intervestor

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