Pin Profits Review – earn Money with the currently most growing Social Network Pinterest

Pin Profits

This is a new product of Kaci Kennedy and it is launched at September, 17th, 2012. Pin Profits is – as the name already tells it – all about making money through Pinterest Website. Basically you gonna use Pinterest to bring you some decent traffic to your site or even directly to the products landing page. Pinterest got pretty massive traffic daily, and this is probably one of the best time to utilize Pinterest for online marketers. Without any doubt Pinterest is the new trend in social networking and it grows even faster than Facebook. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Like in Facebook, where people use Fanpages, in Pinterest they use pinboards exchange their interests, personal informations or anything they want.

My Pin Profits Review

The Pin Profits program is different from so many other programs focused on aged techniques and expensive tactics. Kaci Kennedy teaches you with many high quality training videos how to make money with one of the largest social sites on the internet. This video training course takes advantage of the over 1 million visitors to Pinterest everyday. If you can clever use this, you don’t have to pay for any traffic.

After logging into the members area of Pin Profits you will be caught by all the training videos. You get 4 modules, which are delivered in some parts each. Additionally PDF documents explain more detailed about the training in each video. Pin Profits created it very user friendly and provide a supplementary PDF document so that you can keep it open wherever being guided by the training. The training videos are clear and easy to understand. In short words: All the training videos and supplemental PDF’s are top notch.

Pin Profits
Here is an overview of the modules you get with Pin Profits:

Module 1 – Getting Started with Pinterest

Video 1 – Introduction
Video 2 – Why Pinterest?
Video 3 – Getting Invited
Video 4 – Create Your Account

Module 2 – Pintest Fundamentals

Video 1 – Pinterest Boards
Video 2 – How Pins Work
Video 3 – Creating Pins
Video 4 – Categories
Video 5 – Followers, Likes, and Comments

Module 3 – Getting Traffic and Earning Commissions

Video 1 – Keyword Targeting
Video 2 – Pinning Affiliate Links
Video 3 – Images To Use On Pinterest
Video 4 – How To Pin Gifts
Video 5 – Pin It Button

Module 4 – Optimizing Your Pintest

Video 1 – Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile
Video 2 – Optimizing Your Pinterest Boards
Video 3 – Creating A Blog
Video 4 – Wrap Up

The other sections of the members area contain the following material:

  • VIP+ ACCESS – It is where you can find your upsells listed
  • 1 on 1 CONSULTATION – Place to contact the Professional Marketing Coach
  • MY FREE WEBSITES – Get your Free website here
  • 6 WEEKS LIVE TRAINING – All the members will get the chance to attend their live Webinars for FREE of cost

Additionally to the basic course Pin Profits offers 3 upsells. Though you don`t basically need them for implementing everything you learn in this course, there are some nuggets in these upsells.

Upsell 1: PinProfits Ultimate: This is a software which will take care of your campaings once after you set it up. The software has some cool features like auto pinning, like, repin, follow and commenting.

Upsell 2: Social Media Blueprint – This covers advanced social media statergies on CPV, Facebook, POF, Twitter, Blogging, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube etc.

Upsell 3: PinProfits Unlimited: This is an outsourcing Course, with which you can rinse and repeat everything what works for you faster. It is basically for those who want the job to be done by professionals and it offers 8 modules with step by step training from the beginning.

My Advice on Pin Profits

As you understand from above, Pin Profits covers all basic to advance strategies to start using Pinterest for your online marketing. Pinterest is a trendy and more and more growing social network, gaining rapid popularity. Pin Profits will teach you exactly how you can utilize it to drive traffic to your web properties and make money doing it. But beware to think, that Pin Profits will make money by itself. This product is a course and it gives you the tools to make your success on Pinterest happen, but at last it depends on you to use these tools in a proper way and to have success.

So if you are ready to invest some work in your business to let it growing or if you just want to start your business right now, then Pin Profits will be a useful and even needed tool on your way. Use the amazing tactics and strategies of Pin Profits for your own, be patient and – very important – use it consistently. Not every website, not every product converts to money, so take your time to figure out what works for you and what not. Don`t give up on your first attempts, if one way doesn`t work there is another which works.

Ready to start your business with Pinterest? Then click on the banner below to go to the official site of Pin Profits and get more details!

Pin Profits

Additional Video available: YES, click here to watch!

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