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RSS Authority Sniper

Does your website not get enough traffic? Or maybe the most part of the traffic comes from Bots and your website has such a high bounce rate, that Google will never ever consider to rank your content well? Then you have found the solution now.

RSS Authority Sniper is the solution for content marketers, bloggers, blog flippers, niche marketers, SEO specialists and even offline marketers, when it comes to get real human visitors to a blog, affiliate site or even any kind of website you have.

My RSS Authority Sniper Review

RSS Authority Sniper is a piece of software, which is written in Adobe Air, which means it is independent from your operating system and can therfore be used on PCs and MACs. The software legally taps into the traffic of already established websites, means that the search engines already love them an consider them as authority sites. Therefore RSS Authority Sniper is complete “white hat”.

RSS Authority Sniper

Here is what you get with RSS Authority Sniper:

  • A unique Research Tool & Keyword Feed Scraper, which finds highly targeted authority site feeds with high pagerank and influence with Google. You will use them for bringing your content in front of the visitors of these already established websites.
  • A Quick Indexing Tool, which automates the burning of the authority content feeds to Feedburner. So Google will be interested to get your content in minutes.
  • A Feed Aggregator Tool, which automates the creation of aggregated high authority content feeds, which also contain your content.This tool is using Yahoo Pipes, an amazing free way for RSS feeds.
  • A RSS Feed Submitter, which submits feeds to 25 main RSS feed directories with relevant keywords. Imagine how much time it would consume to make this manually.
  • The ability to easily search for, preview and select authority feeds inside the RSS Authority Sniper. Everything what you need you see on the dashboard of the software, you don’t need to surve endless around to get these valuable authority feeds.
  • Many highly trusted authority domain feeds are scraped fully automatically, including Youtube channels, Vimeo channels and blogs from Google Blog Search.
  • You will automatically send Yahoo & Feedburner authority content feeds to a ping service, which currently uses 104 random ping servers to notify the search engines of your content. This leaves no footrpints like a mass pinging tool and looks much more natural.
  • RSS Authority Sniper also supports unlimited Yahoo Pipes and Feedburner accounts, as well as getting post/feed-info for WordPress- and Blogger content.

Many internet marketers don’t understand the power of RSS feeds and therefore it is a less often technique to get your content in front of targeted visitors. That’s a big mistake, because RSS feeds are extremely powerful. So if the features of RSS Authority Sniper sound too complicated for you, don’t run away and rest assured – you don’t need to know all these background activities. RSS Authority Sniper is so easy to use, it is designed by an end user and not by some technical freaks.

So what are your benefits in using RSS Authority Sniper ?

  • Your content will appear in the search engines much faster than usual. While it takes normally days or even weeks, with RSS Authority Sniper it can take only a few minutes.
  • You will get better rankings for your keywords which you are target. Better rankings mean more visitors, mean more buyers and at last more income.
  • You will become a trusted authority in your niche, because RSS Authority Sniper will deliver relevant content exactly in front of your audience. This increases trust and results again in more income.
  • Using long tail keywords will show you the power of RSS Authority Sniper, which will bring you a lot of new and returning visitors over a long time. A product alone is not a business, you make business with real people, therefore a targeted audience is the liveblood of your business.
  • You don’t need invest time or money to index your content, RSS Authority Sniper does everything for you.
  • Your sites are more protected against Google slaps.Google doesn’t slap sites, which Google loves and considers as highly relevant sites for certain keywords.
  • If you sell websites, you will enjoy a significantly higher income from this. Authority sites have a much higher resale value and they are most delicious for hungry buyers.

At last let’s take a look at the price of this valuable software. Well, I was really very surprised, when I saw how much it costs. First I thought there is some catch, because for the current price of 27$ it is generally impossible to get such software which is easy to use and works like clockwork. And on the top of that you even get a full 30 days money back-guarantee without any questions asked. Well, what to say more …

My Advice on RSS Authority Sniper

With RSS Authority Sniper you will cover all needs for SEO and traffic. It may sound great, if a website gets hundreds or thousands of visitors a day, but it is not so great, if the majority of these visitors are Bots. To succeed in any business you need human visitors, better targeted human visitors.

And this is, what RSS Authority Sniper basically does: it invites laser targeted visitors to your website with produces and distributing highly targeted authority content feeds exactly to those places, where such visitors will see them.

To get such software for an exceptionally low price is almost a gift. So I highly recommend to grab a copy of RSS Authority Sniper. I don’t know the creator personally, so I don’t know if and how long they will keep this exceptional price. But I would even pay more for it. I have been lucky to test RSS Authority Sniper and it has now a fixed place in my portfolio of tools for internet marketing.

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