Passive Paydays 2.0 Review – Discover with my Reviews if Passive Paydays 2.0 is a missing piece of your puzzle to bring money into your bank account

Passive Paydays 2.0

is launched on the 21st of May 2012 by Matt & Phil Benwell and is basically a complete system to create and host your websites. It is not a completely new product, it is an Upgrade of the first version of Passive Paydays, which has been sold quite successfully with a low refund. Matt Benwell, as an online marketer, does not focus on any particular niche or methodology of web marketing. Having said that, a couple of his launches were membership sites. He has come up with products that deal with varied online marketing methods and techniques. One of his successful products, “QuickFire Profits”, dealt with affiliate strategies that guaranteed profits for online marketers who didn’t have a product of their own. Another product, named “Super Speed Wealth,” which was a membership site, gave webmasters an amazing way to set up their own automated online business without more effort than was necessary. His last product, “Google Secret Loophole” was an online course intended to help Internet marketers to accomplish mind-blowing success using Google AdWords. So, in a nutshell, Matt Benwell is someone who spends lot of time on creating products such as courses, tools and particularly membership sites.

Let me mention first, that I am a busy buyer of Internet Marketing products and that I love to analyze and review those products. The same I did with Passive Paydays 2.0. Before you think, that I already must have a ton of software and reports on my computer I say honestly, that also I request sometimes for refund. This does not neccessarily mean that a product is crap, it only means that it does not fit my expectations and so I cannot recommend it to the readers of my reviews. I think that the main problem mostly is the sales letter or sales video. Both are in many cases full of hype and promises, which will never fulfill for an average internet marketer. But I learned to ignore all this hype and all those unreal promises, I learned to concentrate on the product itself. And I also did this with Passive Paydays.

Passive Paydays 2.0

What does Passive Paydays 2.0 deliver ?

Passive Paydays 2.0 is a all done for you system including hosting. It is a fully automated system for creating, monetizing and hosting your websites. Generally you do not have to buy anything else when you use Passive Paydays 2.0. Once you get into this system you don’t worry about all those keep tiring technical stuffs like building website, customizing, hosting etc. Passive Paydays 2.0 is a all done for you system including hosting. Matt Benwell claims, that they are doing this as a way to help everyone make money even faster with their Passive Paydays 2.0 system. But the best part of this new version of Passive Paydays is that their is zero technical knowledge required and it works anywhere in the world.

The only negative point of Passive Paydays 2.0 is as almost always the sales video, which I already mentioned above. I don`t like to see or hear that “my income explodes” or that I will earn thousands and thousands of Dollars. Something similar like this you will find in the sales video of Passive Paydays 2.0 too. But this does not mean, that the product is bad or a scam. It is even rather pity, that a real good product gets a shadow because of the sales video. But don`t forget that you don`t buy the sales video, you buy the product.

So can I recommend you Passive Paydays 2.0 ?

If you see the Passive Paydays 2.0 as a tool, it can be quite useful for you. My experiences with the first version of Passive Paydays are similar. It is definitly worth this rather small amount of money. For 97$ you get a completely automated system without any further costs for hosting etc. There are 2 upsells, which are not neccessarily needed to make the product work. But in my opinion they are useful extensions. I see and use it as a piece of the puzzle, which everyone of us is going to build in an own way. Of course I know that not every piece fits into everyone`s puzzle. So it depends on your choice and it is your decision, if Passive Paydays 2.0 is one right piece for your puzzle. If you want to give it a try, you can visit the Official Site of Passive Paydays 2.0. But don`t forget that any market is not a place of welfare, much more it needs work, passion and last but not least time to be successful. None of these products will make you rich by itself. But in the case you will try Passive Paydays 2.0, I think you will have found another useful tool for your business.

Passive Paydays 2.0

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