E-Cash Opinions Review – a reliable Way to get paid for Surveys – one of the few Survey-Products which currently works

Today I want to review a product, which has basically nothing to do with classic Internet Marketing. But it is well worth to review it, because it will help you to get an additional income. I think, we are all not against some extra cash and so todays review is about one of the currently best paid-survey-products with the name “eCashOpinions”.


has been created by Rick Thomas and launched already in 2012 without any hype. As already mentioned the product is about paid surveys, but not only that. While the main-product is a comprehensive survey-database, there is also a second unannounced income stream provided. I have been member of eCashOpinions since it`s early launch days, I will reveal my results later in this article. At first we will take a closer look, what you will get when you join eCashOpinions.

It`s all about market research. Big corporations like Nike, Walmart, and Best Buy spend billions of dollars every year on market research. Market research is the act of gathering information about your current consumers likes and needs, and gathering information from potential, soon-to-be customers.

Once they have your information, they can use that to make better decisions on upcoming Advertising campaigns and product creation. Your opinion is very important to these big companies. That`s where the surveys come in. Market research panels look for members who are willing to take time out of their day to complete surveys and give their opinions. For taking time out of your day, the research panels will reward you, often with cash!

My eCashOpinions Review

When it comes to earning money from home, there are many options that one can pursue, but one thing always comes to mind first: Making money using the internet. Can you really get paid just for taking surveys? Well, the good news is: YES, you can! But beware to think, that every Paid-Survey-Program out there delivers what it promises. Especially in this area of making money from home there are a lot of scams out there. I tested several survey sites and the next good news is, that eCashOpinions is one of those sites, which deliver what they promise.

With joining eCashOpinions you get 2 memberships at once: Not only that you get unrestricted access to the eCashOpinions Members Only Area, you also get access to the 30DayWealth Members Only Area. The main product of the eCashOpinions Members Only Area is a comprehensive database of big and well known survey suppliers. There are companies which only accept members of a certain country, but most of the suppliers accept members from all over the world. So wherever you live, you can take part in this program.

The members area is structured so well, the even beginners will find the right way immediately. Everything is explained very well, in words and in videos. There are several chapters beside the survey database, which are worth to watch. Beside the “Getting started”-informations you will get useful earning tips and informations about how to collect your money. You have to know, that you will have to join all these survey suppliers (or at least the most of them). But this is a one-time-work and the base for your earnings. I also suggest you to make a new mail-account somewhere (gmail, hotmail, yahoo or wherever you want) only for these surveys. You should seperate all these mails for surveys from your other mail for not losing the overview.

The 30DayWealth Members Only Area is something like a big bonus especially for beginners. You will be introduced in product creation and step by step you will walk through this process. Not only that you will have your own product as result, you will also have your own website including a squeeze page, second page, thank you page. You will get informations and tools, so that you are ready to promote your own product after this procedure. Everything is explained so clear and step by step, you can`t fail. Highly recommended for beginners and alone worth the money you pay!

On the top of all this you will be able to download another (secret) bonus (hint: very well to market!). When it comes to the price, eCashOpinions is really outstanding. You can choose between a Standard Membership for 34$ and a VIP-Membership for 44$. I recommend you the VIP-Membership, because for only 10$ more you will get a lot more value. This is a one-time-payment, there are no recurring fees or hidden costs. And currently there is some limited special super-bonus: Every membership includes a FREE personal 1 on 1 consultation with one of their professional success coaches! This is the opportunity of a life time and available for a limited time only! Let them take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do to become successful online.

My Advice on eCashOpinions

As I mentioned on the beginning of my review, I am already a time member of eCashOpinions. And I can say that it really works. I am getting constantly offers for surveys in my inbox and have already earned a nice extra money over this time. It is for sure not a get-rich-quick-scheme, much more it is connected with constant work and effort. But if you do it consistently like I do it, you will also earn a good extra money. There are no gimmicks or anything other, chances are the same for everyone.

I suggest you to register for as many companies of the survey database as you can. You should use the full potential of eCashOpinions. If you will take the surveys with passion and will see it as a part of your daily program, it will even start to make fun. You earn money, while you have the comfort of your home. This is – at least for me – a rather good feeling. There are no excuses not to do it, only lazy people will fail. So take action and visit the Official site of eCashOpinions now for further informations and join as soon as possible!

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