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Offline Lead Pipeline

This product is launched on 30th of May 2012 by Jason Keith and Jason Zimmerman. Both are very experienced internet marketers and have a lot of reputation there. Offline Lead Pipeline is a Lead-Generation-System and is used for Offline Marketing to pull a constant flow of leads into your business. Jason Keith and Jason Zimmerman are basically online marketers, but with Offline Lead Pipeline they make their first offline launch.

Offline Lead Pipeline Review

Offline Lead Pipeline is Jason Keith`s personal lead generation system that has built him a pipeline of constant leads into his business. This is a “must have” for all offliners and it works for generating longterm leads that creates a sustainable business model. There are years of testing and trial and error that have gone into this system and it is proven to work.

The price of Offline Lead Pipeline is 47$ and there is 1 upsell and 1 downsell. The first upsell is tools and marketing materials for customers to turn around and start building their own lead pipeline in 24 hours. Offline Lead Pipeline provides a ton of done-for-you marketing materials and specialized training to make getting leads even easier. These marketing materials feature the same easy to use system as they used in their Easy Instant Flyers and will include a copy already written for you. Overall Offline Lead Pipeline gives you with thi high quality useable material.

With the downsell they will scale back some of the offering from th upsell and offer it to a lower price. There will be less materials offered and you will get only dummy-text instead of a pre-written copy.

Offline Lead Pipeline

And this is what you will get with Offline Lead Pipeline :

  • Video Training Modules
  • Transcripts
  • MP3-Recording
  • PTT PDF-Documents
  • Bonuses: Live Webinars, Worksheet, Management Tools (spreadsheets, tracking, etc.)

With the upsell of Offline Lead Pipeline you will get:

  • Flyers (full, half and 1/4 page) in Easy Instant Technology
  • Tri Folds
  • Postcards
  • Referral card templates (biz card size)
  • Coupon style templates
  • Letter templates (endorsement letter, Joint Venture offer letter, etc.)
  • Referral thank you card template

With the downsell all the letter templates will have only dummy-text. It means that in this case you have to create your own text.

So all together you will have the following benefits in using Offline Lead Pipeline:

Get leads without Google
Get leads without Advertising
Forget SEO
Forget PPC
Forget Social Media
Forget Cold Calling
Increase lead generation ROI
Increase profit per lead
Customers are calling you
Nonstop passive leads
Active leads delivered to your door
Red hot leads for your business
Long term profitable system for leads

My Advice on Offline Lead Pipeline

Even if this is an offline launch I think that the two types of marketing (online and offline) aren’t that different and that there are plenty of crossover buyers. Offline Lead Pipeline hits on the number one need of all offline and online marketers: How to get more leads. Offline Lead Pipeline appeals to marketers of all levels and it works for generating a long term pipeline of leads that creates a sustainable business model. Plus, for the newbie buyers Offline Lead Pipeline got a module to get them their first client right away.

So if you are dedicated in offline marketing and you are seriously intended to enlarge the base of your customers, then Offline Lead Pipeline will be an important piece in your puzzle. Of course at last it depends on your passion and on the amount of work you are ready to do, if you are successful in your business. But overall I can highly recommend Offline Lead Pipeline for all kind of offline marketers. So take action NOW and visit the Official Site of Offline Lead Pipeline .

Offline Lead Pipeline

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