My Mobile Money Pages Review – all you need to build complete Mobile WordPress Blogs fully automated

My Mobile Money Pages

has been launched by Shane Harris. This system allows even complete newbies to build websites automatically straight from their computer or – and this is the great additional feature – from their smart phones. This is a completely new way of designing websites. What makes My Mobile Money Pages completely different and jumps ahead of anything else is that these new sites are not just one-page static websites. These are complete websites, which are automatically created for you using WordPress! And this makes the difference: All search engines love such WordPress-sites much more than static websites.

Also don`t forget that with WordPress a world of thousands of plugins is open for you. So can create really great websites with a lot of features and dynamic with automatically adding content. This will guarantee you a well ranking and traffic, which finally converts into money. But there is still another good point of My Mobile Money Pages: you don`t even have to register domains and you need no additional webhosting. You have the free option to host you new sites on their servers as a subdomains, which basically means you don`t have to pay anything additionally to run your sites. Of course you are also free to register your own domains.

My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages Review

My Mobile Money Pages consists of several modules.All these modules are easy to understand, completely newbie friendly and make you ready to start immediately. And these are the parts of this system:

Automatic WordPress Site Builder Software
This WordPress Site Builder is so simple, that it makes even fun to build sites. You simply enter your individual informations (sitename, keywords, password) and click “Create”. It`s that simple!

Automatic Keyword Research Tool
Enter your main keyword and this well working research tool grabs for you all the related keywords to complement your main keyword. The great point of that is, that your site will also attract visitors searching for related keywords, which will seriously increase your site traffic.

Automatic Content Builder
This part of My Mobile Money Pages is neccessary to build all the content for your sites, of course related to your keyword. No boring writing of posts, no sitting hours for finding good content. You also have the possibility to change any graphics and also to add any affiliate links you want (Amazon, Clickbank, Google Adsense, …)

Automatic Link Builder or Robo Link Cloner
At last you need links to attract the search engines to rank your site well. You probably know, that high quality backlinks are a “must have”. And exactly this is done with this module: it automatically creates high PR quality backlinks for your sites. Besides you get a full report of the generated backlinks, which gives you a useful overview.

A great additional feature is then Mobile Money Pages Members Only Forum, where you can exchange your experiences with other members and where you can of course get help too. I think this gives also additional trust to the users, because there is nothing hidden. Another great sign, that this product is solid and far away of any scam.

My Advice on My Mobile Money Pages

All together My Mobile Money Pages is one of the right steps to start with Internet Marketing. And if you already have a business it is a great additional feature. Besides you start without any risk, because there is a 60-days-full-money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. The price of $39.95 is really more than moderate for such a comprehensive system. I didn`t mention yet, that there are some amazing tools inside, which are given for free. For example, there is a very useful Translation Widget inside. So your site can be translated in many different other languages automatically. The visitor selects his favourite language and your whole site will be shown translated into this language for this visitor. I think this is an additional attraction for your visitors.

So don`t fear any problems with this system. Especially the very well made video tutorials will help you to understand and use everything completely. There are even different sets for different levels and everything is explained with step-by-step instructions. Together with the forum you will never be lost. One thing I would suggest you: If you want a better ranking of your sites in the search engines, don`t use subdomains (which are built in and inclusive). Better register your own domains and chances for good rankings are much higher. Start your mobile business now and visit the official site of My Mobile Money Pages by clicking the banner below.

My Mobile Money Pages

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