Mobile Media Millions Review – a system which will help you to take a Part of a Billion Dollar Industry

Mobile Media Millions

Mobile Media Millions is launched on September, 20th, 2012 and is basically is a Mobile Marketing product, which teaches you how to tap into the targeted traffic from the massive volume of mobile phone users in order to make money from your affiliate links. The training program concentrates on equipping internet marketers with the knowledge and skills to manage their internet marketing campaigns from their mobile phones, driving more targeted and converting traffic by directing mobile phone users to your sales pages, which are prepared for viewing from portable devices.

Mobile Media Millions

My Mobile Media Millions Review

The program teaches on the one hand a lot of general techniques in Internet Marketing (like niche research, getting the best domainnames and hosting, setting up cash funnels, attracting traffic and linking websites with social media) and on the other hand specific Mobile Marketing techniques (like acquiring mobile phone numbers of users, online selling methods).


After the login into the members section of Mobile Media Millions, you will have access to high quality videos, which will teach you the basic principles of Mobile Marketing. Additionally to this you will get training videos for the system and the software.

As you can see above the Members Area consists of the following sections:

Dashboard – It is basically the welcome page, where you will have access to some free bonuses and invitation to their upcoming webinar

Training – You will find 13 really high quality training videos with and additional PDF-file for each videos. Watch these videos from the beginning to the end to understand the system. You will be tought everything what you need to know, starting from choosing a correct niche until how to use the system, including some advanced methods too. Easy to understand and for everyone who seriously want to do marketing.

Software – there are 2 software-modules, which will mantain your campaigns and run on complete autopilot once after you set it up

Support – your connection to the support team

Even if Mobile Media Millions is extremely newbie-friendly, it is a very advanced software solution. This is an easy method to implement and is one very good way into internet marketing. If you consider the number of cell phone owners, the potential for growth with mobile media millions is incredible.

All together Mobile Media Millions is a comprehensive package of tutorials and tools with effective training content. As usual there are also Upsells for this system. In this case we have 2 upsells:

Mobile Media Millions PRO Software – This is an automated software and has advanced functions comparing with the basic software. It automates and scales up the whole process for more profits.

Affiliate Cash Cloner – this is basically a WordPress plugin, which helps you to import PLR articles and schedule them to post on given times, add Clickbank, Adsense and also Amazon affiliate advertising and make an exact copy of a WordPress blog.

My Advice on Mobile Media Millions

All together Mobile Media Millions is a well done product for Mobile Marketing and traffic generation. I want to cut through the hype and pretend, that almost everything you could also do manually. But the amount of the needed time would exponentially multiply, for which you would need minutes with the system you will need days, even weeks manually.

Mobile Media Millions is generally nothing ground breaking new, but it is for SURE a useful system for all those who want to do Mobile Marketing seriously. Under this condition I can recommend you this system without any doubt. But at last it will depend on you, how much work you will put into it to get a decent amount of money in return.

Interested in Mobile Markting ? Then go and grab your copy now!

Mobile Media Millions

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