Green App Machine Review – create Mobile Apps in a matter of Minutes and build your unlimited App Empire

Green App Machine

This product has been launched by Peng Joon and is basically a software, which creates mobile apps for you in Google Play.Apps are fundamentally changing the way we communicate and relay information. They are becoming more and more part of everybody’s life. Almost everyone of us is owner of a mobile device which is always switched on.

You can begin building your Apps Empire as soon as you get your Green App Machine License. The beauty of Green App Machine is that all of the hard work is done for you. So your Mobile App-building business is immediately ready to go.

My Green App Machine Review

With this this software you will be able to create apps for Android phones using the Google Play store. The entire process is automated.You don’t have to write code, you don’t have to hire developers or anything like this. It doesn’t matter what your background or experience…with the help of our software you can find great keywords and within minutes build a mobile app around that keyword. This is something that you can start in your spare time and then go full-time as you have success.

You don’t need an office, you don’t need a website and – this sounds rather funny – you don’t even need a mobile phone. Using the Green App Machine is really easy. You simply check a few boxes (even most of these are pre-filled) and your app is magically created for you in a few minutes.


So how will you do that ?

  • Find a compelling niche
  • Fill out the fields in the software by selecting which modules you want to introduce on your new app
  • Find a nice cover photograph and Icon

That’s all – it is that easy! And on the top of all there is no limitation in building apps. Green App Machine is designed so that you own a mobile app building machine that can pump out as many apps as you want.

What is included in the Green App Machine-package ?

  • Green App Machine: This is the core component software that allows you to create your own mobile niche apps with a few clicks of the button. Using in-line technology, CD creates up-to-date, beautiful and technologically-advanced optimized apps that are sure to get massive rankings on the app store and garner you thousands of downloads.
  • Keyword Machine: The Secret Sauce of App Niche Research. Proper keyword research is the difference between an app with tens of thousands of downloads and ones with nothing. The “old” methods of keyword research do not apply anymore. Keyword Machine is an innovative program that allows you to deep-research Android niches and efficiently pick the winners and discard the losers. Without Keyword Machine you would risk investing a lot of time, money and effort into niches that have little to no potential returns.
  • Green App Premium Theme: This is a unique WordPress theme designed for turning your WordPress Blog into a mobile promotion machine. The CD Premium Theme will allow you to leverage large amounts of web traffic and funnel those visitors to the high-value download of your Green App Machine apps. It is the bridge that spans the chasm between the web and mobile.
  • Tier 1 Training: The Tier 1 Training module comes with hours of detailed instructional videos and hundreds of pages of comprehensive PDFs. This training section is a mobile app marketers dream. It not only explains how to use all the “buttons and knobs” on the Green App Machine software, but it also gives detailed guidance on how to actually structure the apps you create into a profitable business.
  • The 4 Hour Cash Machine: If you want to fast-track the Tier 1 Training and get started right now. The 4 Hour Cash Machine is a quick-start guide on how others have gotten their app business going within the first 4 hours. There’s a great chance that you could find quick success in the first 4 hours – just by following this guide.

Let me additionally explain you some of the software features:

True Unlimited Apps – some app creators will charge you a monthly fee per app that is exorbitant. This is just not a practical business model. With Green App Machine you get true unlimited apps. That means with your license you can create and own as many Apps as you like with no per app charge or maintenance fees. It is important for you to have full control over your business with the ability to scale and the reason why true unlimited apps are critical to your business success.

AdMob+ Integration – With AdMob+ Integration you instantly have the option to display ads from ADMob or up to 9 other mobile monetization networks on your apps. You can also take advantage of a special embedded feature that allows you to custom display your own ads. So if you wanted to cross-promote your other apps or do a special affiliate promotion, then you can get this going with just a few clicks. This method is a key to start earning money with your niche apps and available only on Green App Machine.

Premium Green App Machine Support – When you submit a support ticket you want a real person to reply and not just some outsourced “robot” that barely understands your questions and is copying and pasting something that doesn’t even give you a proper answer. Green App Machine is a also a premium product at this point and delivers premium support. Each one of their support staff is an actual user of Green App Machine as well and has their own AppBusiness. So you can rest assured when you ask a question of our support desk that you are going to be getting back an answer you can depend on.

My Advice on Green App Machine

The wonderful thing about Green App Machine is that it was designed with the user in mind. So it has no extra costs. With your Green App Machine license you can build unlimited apps with no extra fee per app. The beauty is that you also own these outright. Other companies actually retain ownership rights to the apps so you are not actually building mobile real estate but paying someone else so they can build assets.

You will have to pay the Android store (Google Play) a $25 fee for a lifetime of app uploads.The Apps are hosted on the Google Play Store, so you do not need your own website to use Green App Machine.

Green App Machine is neither a “business opportunity” nor a “get rich quick” scheme. It is software toolkit that generates mobile apps according to your certain criteria. They also recommend some techniques that others have followed to get started quickly and these are covered in the 4 Hour Cash Machine and they have seen that many find massive success by following this guide.

Besides, you don’t have any risk, because they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee without any questions asked. Highly recommended product, if you are interested in building your app empire. Click the banner below and get started!


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