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Mobile Blog Money

has been first released by Chris Waldron at the end of November 2011. On the 19th of February 2013 the second improved version of Mobile Blog Money will open the doors. As I have already purchased and review the first version, I can give you a comprehensive overview about this product. There are a lot of improvements, though the core product is about the same topic.

Basically Mobile Blog Money is a system, that will show and help you to market and convert your mobile oriented websites. The marketing of such websites can potentially follow two ways, will be shown to you. Consider how many people have mobile devices (smart phones, iPads, iPods, etc.) today, so the market is almost without any limit.

My Mobile Blog Money Review

Primary you will be advised in use a particular Ad Network in which all your ads will be displayed using the (probably knowing) CPC (= Cost per Click) strategy. Maybe the most popular way for CPC is actually Google Adsense, however Mobile Blog Money is NOT associated with this. You are going to be introduced into a good Ad network, in which every single click will cost around 3 cents. This is a rather low price for good quality traffic. The viewers will see your ads and additionally in case they are showing an interest in your offer they will click the ad for more details. When mobile device owners obtain games as well as apps, the ads are included.

CPC-marketing is a very powerful method of marketing. Not without any good reason Google has built an ad network like this. But CPC-marketing has also it`s danger. If you do it without any knowledge, it can become costly. Here is, where Mobile Blog Money comes into the picture. You will learn the strategies and tricks how to make successful CPC-campaigns. If you follow all instructions to the point, your campaigns will be successful.

The second method is concerning text messages. When you build your list using optins, you usually request for the exact person`s name as well as the actual email-address. Expand this particular table with the mobile phone number or maybe even replace the email-field with the field for a mobile phone number. These website subscribers can then be notified over their cellphone of any kind of update, about any offer or of just about anything you want.

The Mobile Blog Money software package consists of four tools or modules in order the deliver the ads and text messages.

A. The Builder: This tool offers a collection of templates or mobile pages in various niches. Mobile Blog Money will guide you exactly how to use them. With this you have already made the first step of the basic work for your business.

B. The Buyer Sniper: This tool is the main point for your success. You will be introduced how to get the targeted traffic in your niche, which is essentially for your success. Only buyer`s traffic makes converts your website into money. With the endless number of mobile phone users all over the world you can obtain tons of traffic, but remember that only a few of them are buyers. This is what we don`t really want. We need buyers onto our sites. Mobile Blog Money will learn you how to do it.

C. The Automator: Once you have earned some money, it is neccessary to repeat the success over and over again. The automator will allow you to copy and paste the similar steps, so that you can develop and enlarge your business for bigger profits.

D. The Competition Rework: Competition, even high competition in a niche is not bad, much more it can be very useful. This module will obtain the benefits of a high competition in your niche and make exactly this to your advantage to get more targeted traffic and profits.

My Advice on Mobile Blog Money

All together Mobile Blog Money is quite easy and really simple to use and has even a newbie-friendly user interface. You only need a few minutes to set up websites and squeeze pages. It also includes a step by step tutorial that can help you to earn a good amount of money. Today almost everyone has a mobile phone, most of them are connected with the Internet. Today and much more in the near future many things are done with mobile devices, for which we needed computers in former days. So the number mobile device users, who are also buyers, increases from day to day.

Mobile Blog Money can be bought for $47, which is in my opinion really an appropriate price for this system. Yes, there are upsells, but though they are good supplements you will not necessarily need them to make the product work. Besides there is a 60-days-money-back-guarantee without any questions asked, so you have in fact no risk. In these 2 months you should already have good results with this system.

So if you are interested and engaged in mobile advertising, Mobile Blog Money is one of the right choices for you. Think how many people are downloading apps daily, so your ads will become popular quite fast. Start your mobile business today and be in front of your competition. Take a look and visit the official site of Mobile Blog Money!

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