MemberSnap Review – Build your Membersites in a minute and have a recurring Income and longterm Customers


The launch day of MemberSnap is June, 11th, 2012. MemberSnap is created by Bill McIntosh, Eric Louviere and Stephen Renton, also known as the JobCrusher-Team. Basically MemberSnap is a membership based program that allows nearly anyone with or without Internet marketing experience to create sites that are easy to flip and/or keep for yourself to build a solid website portfolio. With MemberSnap you make Membership sites in a snap, you need about 30 seconds to set up a site and the best: you need no technical skills.

It all started with a brilliant idea: To create with a one-stop shop, a software that has been fully packed with all the tools needed to set up a website in just a matter of minutes. The JobCrusher team now finally launch their result: MemberSnap, a membership site building system that is loaded with ready to sell products and pre-fabricated content that is set to deliver great results.

MemberSnap Review

MemberSnap basically it is the fastest way I know possible to have your own full-blown ready-made niche membership site. With your purchase of MemberSnap you will get 3 ready made niche membership businesses.

With each membership site you will have:

  • Instant Website and Blog
  • Built in product to see as your own
  • Build in sales page
  • Build in Squeeze Page and a free report to use to build your list
  • Instant affiliate program
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Paypal & Aweber ready
  • Your own professional Membership Website with content, sales pages and funnels, free reports, products and squeeze pages ready for you to use
  • It allows you to build your own members
  • Get your own Niche websites, complete with products to sell
  • Free hosting and auto responder set up
  • Brings monthly cash, not random one off sales
  • It attracts affiliates that promote for you


The benefits of MemberSnap are:

  • Saves you from doing any research and product creation
  • Saves you from writing sales letters
  • Saves you from creating up sell and down sell pages
  • Saves you from setting up order pages, download pages, legal pages, and order links.
  • Saves you from having to designing the website layout
  • Saves you from dealing with hosting and FTP
  • Saves you on list building hassles
  • Saves you from having to write emails
  • You do not need any design skills, technical skills, sales or marketing skills, tons of spare time or cash.
  • You can make as many sites as you want, all within minutes.

The price of MemberSnap is 37$ and during the purchase-process 2 upsells and 1 downsell will be provided. The upsells are not needed to use MemberSnap with all it`s functions you need. The decision about the upsells will depend on your wishes and how powerful you will want to make your system. So take your time and decide about your personal benefits concerning buying the upsells.

My Advice on MemberSnap

If you are interested in building your own membersite-empire, I can highly recommend you MemberSnap. I think there is no question to buy it, when you consider what you are getting for that price. And there is absolutely a good chance to make some money, because membership sites mean recurring income for you, which is key. That means in using MemberSnap you get customers, you need to take care of that customers and you make money from that customers every month until they cancel. This can give you stable long-term income, which is very important in running an internet business. Furthermore MemberSnap is fast and easy to use.

But you must be clear, that membership sites need some care and you have to provide your customers good stuff also in the future, so that they are attracted to stay members. So please keep in mind, that MemberSnap is not a push-button-software, with which you can fire out membersite by membersite without maintaining them in the future. MemberSnap is without any doubt a great tool, but at last you decide with you passion and work, if your membersites will be a longterm success. So don`t wait and start to build your membersites today! Make your first step and visit the Official Site of MemberSnap now!


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