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My Lead Company

One of the biggest challenges in Internet Marketing is to get qualified leads. I have been searching a long time for a reliable source for good leads, particulary for generic biz-op leads, where I can promote several offers for business opportunities. The problem of getting leads from free traffic is, that you need a ton of visitors to get a few. And in the worst case many of these subscribers may be just curious, but not potential buyers.

So I invested a lot of time to finally find a reliable provider of qualified leads. Here is, where My Lead Company came into the picture. At first I was rather sceptical, because only a collection of email addresses would not move me forward. Therefore I started a test run with a couple of hundred leads to discover the quality of My Lead Company.

My Lead Company

My Lead Company Review

Already at the beginning I was positively surprised, that My Lead Company not only offers leads. You can also earn money with their unique concept! It is not even necessary to recruit new members. My Lead Company has a straight downline, which means that everyone who joins as a member is placed under you, equal from whom he is referred. And guess what: with this system you earn commission from the revenue of the whole company! And of course additionally you participate directly on the sales of your referrals if you have one.

My Lead Company has a great concept – what can happen better, that while you get (at least) hundred new leads every week in the same time you earn money! But be aware, that you have actively participate in this system. You do not need to refer, but you have to buy every week at least the smallest lead package. This you get currently for $ 9,95, and instead of 50 leads they double it to 100. So every months you get 400 OWN new leads and you can put any offer in front of them.

My Lead Company has also bigger packages up to 5000 leads a week, which they currently double to 10000. All biz-op leads – people who search business opportunities – which they send you into your mailbox within 24 hours after your order. And of course you can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

As I said before, to succeed you have to be an active member. If you are too long inactive, it will soon or later happen that you are – as they call it – “leapfrogged”. That means after a time you will loose your top position and all active members below you will be placed above you. That makes sense, because only members who take action, can succeed. It would make no sense to keep inactive members, which don’t care of their business, on top positions.

My Lead Company

My Advice on My Lead Company

My Lead Company is the perfect way to combine building a list with earning money. While your list is growing steadily you earn money even without selling them something. Imagine the potential, if you are an active list owner, build a relationship with the people on your list and offer them any business or product you want. Especially if you don’t know from where you should take visitors of your website, from where you should take potential buyers for your offer, My Lead Company gives you a great opportunity for changing from a desperate online marketer to a successful one, who will enjoy a consistent income.

So if you are an active marketer, if you take your business serious and want to make a living from it, I highly recommend you My Lead Company. But you should understand, that getting new qualified leads is only the first step to success. If you leave the leads laying on your computers harddisc, nothing – absolutely nothing – will happen. You have to build a relationship with your potential customers and you should show them, why exacty YOU are the first choice when it comes to solving their problems.

Bottom line: I am very happy to be an active member of My Lead Company and I am looking forward to expand my business with new leads every week. I am participating in several ventures and so I have a good portfolio for my list, where everyone can choose the best opportunity for himself.

At last let me give you one good advice on your way: Don’t bombard new leads with offers from the first email on. Start slowly, introduce yourself as an expert, don’t send them sales pitch after sales pitch. The leads on your list are real people like you and me, and they should become something like your “fans”. Once you have convinced them from your honesty and authority, you will have happy customers, which in return will make you a happy life.

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