Get Commissions for Free Review – a complete System to build your List and make profitable Campaigns

Get Commissions for Free

This product is launched at October, 15th, 2012 by Ian Ross, Pavan, Duncan and Jamie. Get Commissions For Free is basically a piece of software which automates your email marketing campaigns. Get Commissions for Free is created for almost all levels of Internet Marketers, so don`t think that you need a list or anything like that prior to using this software. It is a webbased product with a members area and all you have to do is to follow step by step the insturctions there. Get Commissions For Free is not only a software, it consists of several parts of high quality trainings.

My Get Commissions for Free Review

Here you see the dashboard of the members area. I think it explains by itself. It`s easy to navigate and very newbie friendly. So let`s go in depth now for all the given sections of this product.

Get Commissions for Free – Software Training: This section starts with a short introduction. Inside of this module you will learn how to use the Get Commissions for Free Software to build profitable landing pages. You will get a quite good overview of the software and you will also learn how to setting up your list and opt-in code and how to integrate the software with your campaigns.

Get Commissions for Free – Clickbank Training: Clickbank is one of the most used affiliate program in internet marketing and it is free to join. You can join as a Vendor (if you have your own product) or as an Affiliate (if you want to promote other peoples products). It is extremely important that you choose the right products to promote. This section of Get Commissions for Free is completely dedicated to Clickbank staring with an in depth introduction to Clickbank. Here you will learn massive strategies to find high converting product from Clickbank with help of CB Engine. It is easy to understand but effective.

Get Commissions for Free – Promotional Training: Here you will have access to done-for-you marketing materials to run profitable campaigns. You will learn how to find email swipes, how to create profitable campaigns and how to send well scheduled broadcast to your list. Timing is very important in email marketing. It is proven, that the conversion depends on the sequence of your mails and even on the time you send them. You will also get already created profitable campaigns for you. You can download these campaigns instantly.

After these basic training modules it is time to think about traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business, it is the only way to make conversions. There are so many traffic sources out there, but not each source is good for each product. Get Commissions for Free concentrates it`s traffic training to 3 sources: Youtube, Solo Ads and Pinterest. This section covers hidden secrets of these 3 marketing strategies. YouTube and Pinterest have tons of visitors every day. Solo Ads can help to grow your list with responsible subscribers.

Now let`s jump to the core of Get Commissions for Free, the software module. There are 2 modules available, the Landing Page Wizard and the Get Commissions for Free Software PRO.

Get Commissions for Free Landing Page Wizard: This piece of software provides you different templates for your landing pages. The Landing Page Wizard covers the 3 most important niches for Internet Marketers: How to make money online, Dating and Weight Loss. These are the hottest niches and they are evergreen. Here the majority of cash is flowing. The landing pages are fully targeted for each niche and fully optimized for opt-in.

Get Commissions for Free Software PRO: This is where your conversions will be done. Here your campaigns are managed. You can manage multiple campaigns. You can edit, modify, view and delete your existing campaigns. You can view emails content which is embedded with your affiliate links. You can change title, content and all information. For using this software you need 2 things: a Clickbank account and an Autoresponder service. Popular Autoresponder services are Aweber and Getresponse.

Important Note: I already saw other reviews, which suggest you to use Mailchimp (which has also a free membership) as Autoresponder service. Beware! Due to their current terms and conditions they will immediately cancel your account, if you promote money making opportunities!

My Advice on Get Commissions for Free

Get Commissions for Free is a complete system for email marketing and without any doubt very useful. Sure, it is nothing groundbreaking new, but especially for beginners, who don`t have a list yet, it can be very helpful and help to grow up a serious business. But you need to have patience, nothing goes overnight. It needs time to grow your list. Btw, your patience should already begin in suffering the sales video, honestly I don`t like it. But this is the only downside and it doesn`t say, that the product is not good (you don`t buy the sales video). So forget the sales video and join as fast as you can. There are 3 levels to join, Basic, Elite and Advanced.

I would recommend you at least to join the Elite-level, because from there and above they offer an 24/7 support. The full potential will give you of course the Advanced level, where they provide additional advanced cash generation modules. There is no discount on any of these levels. All together I recommend Get Commissions for Free for newbies and intermediate marketers, especially if you don`t have a list yet. Building a list is almost vital to be successful in internet marketing and it will be an everlasting asset for your business. And if you take care of your list members and always remind that they are real people who want to find solutions for their problems, your list will be your cash machine on demand. So even if you would not make money immediately, you will build a big value for your business.
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