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Chronic Profits

This system has been created by Caleb Abram, Corey Lewis and Winter Valko and is launched at August, 16th, 2012. After taking a closer look at it, Chronic Profits is an improved version of Chronic Commissions, which has been launched a time before. And I can say that it has been really improved, it seems that the creators have listened to their customers and implemented a lot of their needs.

The Chronic Profits software is all about how to build your email list fast. It builds your email list complete on autopilot and promotes different products (especially from the huge affiliate program Clickbank) to your email list to make massive money as an affiliate. You have to do almost nothing, just type in your Autoresponder-Code and Clickbank ID. Yes, you need additionally an Autoresponder, but this is a vital tool for Listbuilding which you need in any case. Chronic Profits provide you a preloaded autoresponder sequence (list of emails) that will be sent to your subscribers to make sales on daily basis and also turn single subscriber into several subscribers.

“The money is in the list” – this is a proven sentence from almost all successful internet marketers. And this is what you are going to build utilizing there simple and easy to follow system.

My Chronic Profits Review

At first I want to present you an overview of the members area:

As you can see, the members area of Chronic Profits consists of several sections.

Home: Its basically the welcome page.

Campaigns: This is where your campaigns are.

Traffic: This is where your proven traffic sources are

Tracking: All your tracking stats are here

Setting: Here you can manage your account settings

Chronic Profits provides the traffic for list building, which is left away from the two common traffic giants Google and Facebook, and this is the main secret of Chronic Profits success. It works by accessing to a mailing list of thousands of targeted buyers and selecting offers to promote. So, the source of traffic in the product makes it far better than other online marketing products. In other words: For a small fee you use other people’s list to create your own email list.

The system provides the e-mail marketing list of companies to help you to get started and adding subscribers to your list. These companies send out emails for buyers. In short, this is a non-website system that generates automated income by building good relationships with a list.

What is great about Chronic Profits that it does not require the user to have a domain or hosting as it is all web based and does many things automatically. You will have just to enter a few bits of information like: Your Clickbank ID; Your Paypal ID – if you decide to go for pay per lead; Aweber ID – If you want to collect the leads yourself (for example, the customers details, so you can send them more info on other products), etc. The rest of the work the system will do itself.

Chronic Profits has a nice tracking interface, showing your campaigns, your raw clicks, your unique clicks, options and descriptions. It also shows your traffic stats against each, so you can see how well your conversions are performing and how the building a list is going.

What are the benefits of Chronic Profits ?

1. You get an easy to handle software to start building your own high quality email list. You can use it to promote other people’s products as an affiliate.

2. You will receive detailed instructions on how to setup your own squeeze pages for marketing campaigns. Although you will get same great squeeze pages created for you.

3. You will get ready-made emails. No hassle to write emails on your own. In many cases you will not need to write a single word in your auto-responder. Instead, you will be given ready-made email swap to be copied and pasted.

4. The system is pretty easy to understand for everyone. You will be given a web based application where you can enter information like Paypal email, Clickbank ID and Aweber ID. After that, you will get a simple, but highly-converting squeeze pages. This squeeze pages also come with exit splash pop-up to increase the conversion rate. Plus, pre-written email series will be provided. This software and the ready-made emails are worth the entire product itself.

5. The main traffic source is solo ads. Some of you might know this, but in case you didn’t know, solo ads is actually a concept where you pay other marketers to send a promotional email for you. Inside the member’s area, you will find a directory where you can buy solo ads from other marketers and companies. Important information like their list size and cost will be displayed.

6. Bonuses. They also have a Bonus section that will give you the ability to offer free reports or “e-books” before sending people to your sales page.

The price of Chronic Profits is 49,95$ (with a limited launch discount), there are 2 upsells:

36 Campaign Pack: 36 fully loaded proven and already profitable campaigns

Elite Coaching Course: Getting coaching and following a mentor (or two) is really one of the ONLY true ways to shortcut what for most people is a long hard and painful learning curve with this wholemaking money online jazz.

My Advice on Chronic Profits

Chronic Profits is one of the ways to create your email list fast and earn massive money. If you want to have more and more subscribers and see your list increasing rapidly, Chronic Profits is absolutely something you should consider.

The software recommends some of the highest converting Clickbank products for you to promote, which is a proven way to get conversions right off the bat. It’s good to start off with the top products because these have been shown to get sales once people get to the sales pages.

I think that Chronic Profits is a good method right now to start building an email list on autopilot. Building an email list is the best way to build a consistent income and generate commissions continuously. But please beware to believe the sales video, the numbers which are shown are not appropriate for beginners. I recommend you to see Chronic Profits as this what it is: it is a useful tool to build your email list. And if you use it clever and consistently, you will get a responsive list of customers, to whom you can sell other products in the future.

One advice at last: build trust with your future customers, deliver value and promote only products, in which you trust by yourself. Don’t send them one sales pitch after the other. Always remember that everyone on your list is a person, who searches for a good solution for some of his problems.

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Chronic Profits

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