FB Ad Clone Review – find, copy and paste already successful Facebook Ads for making Money by Yourself

FB Ad Clone

The official launch day of FB Ad Clone is July, 5th, 2012 and it has been created by Tim Atkinson, who is already a well known person in internet marketing. FB Ad Clone basically is piece of software, which is embedded in a members area. This means that you can use FB Ad Clone from any device you want, because it is completely independent from the operating system. All you need to have is access to internet over a browser. As you probably already understand from the product name, FB Ad Clone is everything about the techniques to make money with Facebook.

FB Ad Clone Review

The members area of FB Ad Clone consists of different functions, which are grouped into menus. Beside the direct access to the FB Ad Clone software there are several other possibilities to use this members area. At the start you will need some training and understanding of the system. For this you get a menu with the following functions: Create FB Ad Account, FB Ad Walkthrough, Quick Start Tutorials, FB Core Training and Ad Clone Software training. These main functions of FB Ad Clone are structured into sub functions, like Creating Ads and Guidelines, Ad Targeting, Spreading your Web, Landing Page & Funnels, Ad Image 101 and many more, everything explained in high quality tutorials. FB Ad Clone is also mixed up with some bonuses like Q&A Coaching calls, Software Roadmap and other Resources.

FB Ad Clone

Very interesting of all the FB Ad Clone trainings is the FB Core Training, which will give you a deep look into the possibilities of Facebook. You get a comprehensive FB Fanpage Training, discover everything about Ads to Fanpages, learn about Facebook Ad Coupons, get a Facebook CPA training and a Facebook App training and a lot of informations about Ads to external links and Ads to Facebook Apps. They may sound a little complicated, but it isn`t. You will get known a lot of Facebook functions, which will help you to establish a successful business. As bonus you will also get an insight to offline opportunities with FB Ad Clone.

All the training sessions are really good structured and broken into pieces, where you can learn step by step all functions of FB Ad Clone. The FB Ad Clone software has an own dashboard, from where you have complete control over all functions. Here you can submit Ads, track Ads and discover everything about Ads like search demographics, search Ad content, search frequency and interests. The main point is to find successful Ads (which are found by a proven algorithm) and scoring them for you. It means, you open up another windows, and copy and paste the already successful Ad exactly in this windows. Now it`s your Ad and chances are high, that it will be also successful, because it is simply a clone of a successful Ad. It`s that easy with FB Ad Clone!

So you don`t need to write initial Ads by yourself, you don`t need to test and tweak them. With the help of FB Ad Clone you get served already proven Ads, which actually are making money.It is a really great concept and all the functions of FB Ad Clone work very well. I also want to mention that especially the search functions of FB Ad Clone are exceptionally great. You can find in 4 different ways and find a lot of Ads, which will fit into your niche and strategies. The price of the complete FB Ad Clone system is 97$, ridiculously low for such a comprehensive system (I already saw a similar software for more than 1000$ – no joke). There are 2 upsells which concern coaching, but you will not necessarily need them to have a complete system and get started.

My Advice on FB Ad Clone

If you are intended to make money with Facebook, I can highly recommend you FB Ad Clone. But I also recommend you not to jump into the FB Ad Clone software immediately, but take the time to consume all the training sessions, which are really great stuff. Only with this FB Ad Clone training you will get the whole idea how everything is supposed to work. So please follow this way, because if you do it backwards, you may get a little confused and not understand the full potential of FB Ad Clone. Equal if you are beginner, intermediate or even advanced you will learn a lot of FB Ad Clone and find many nuggets in it.

Overall FB Ad Clone is a comprehensive and well working system, which will help you earn for money for sure. Of course it depends on your effort and you passion and especially how consistently you will use FB Ad Clone. As for me FB Ad Clone is one product, where I will rest assured when I recommend it to you. It is not to compare with a lot of other internet marketing products, which promise a lot and deliver almost nothing. Take a look to the Official Site of FB Ad Clone now!

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FB Ad Clone

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