My current Income Portfolio – Passive and Active Income 24/7

I am an Online Marketer and go several ways of making money online. My concept is to make some short term money on the one hand, and on the other hand I invest a part of it into medium term opportunities. The result is long term wealth. The beauty is, that all the businesses below you can do without recruiting and a lot of work. It means they produce reliable passive income.

Freedom in general is the key of a happy life. So I try to help as many people as possible to get at least financial freedom. The Internet is big enough and there is a share for everyone.

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How to make Money Online on a reliable Way – Viral Angels is a new longterm Business Opportunity with real Results

I get constantly messages from my contacts and even from (still) unknown people who visit my sites, that they simply can’t get the things together to be successful in Online Business. But I have good news for you!


  • you are desperately wanting to make money online
  • you are tired of the interest rates of your bank
  • you do you want to do savings for your retirement, your vacation or anything else
  • you maybe even interested in a fulltime living from Internet

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