LOKI Link Builder Review – Top WordPress Plugin to increase the Quality of your Backlinks on Autopilot

LOKI Link Builder

The launch date of LOKI Link Builder is July, 12th, 2012 and it has been created by Sean Donahoe, who is a well known and well accepted Internet Marketer. As long as I know Sean Donahoe and his products I must admit, that he always delivers great and useful stuff and informations. LOKI Link Builder is a WordPress plugin, and before I will give you an in-depth review I can say as a result, that this is a “must have” if you are running WordPress blogs. I am always rather skeptical with new products, nowadays almost every day a new product appears on the market. But LOKI Link Builder has convinced me without any doubts.

LOKI Link Builder

My LOKI Link Builder Review

When you login to the members area, you find a short presentation video and your download link. There is also a lot of other resources in the members area, especially 2 high quality training videos for LOKI Link Builder. One is about installation and configuration, the other about setting up the Stealth LOKI Link Builder. Here you could also upgrade your plugin until to a developers license in the case you didn`t already.

Once you have LOKI Link Builder installed on your blog, you need to activate it with the given license key. After you can enter the keywords and related terms for your blog. Here you can also add your LSI-keywords, suggested keywords from the Google search, just to give you this example. But what really cool is, that LOKI Link Builder provides you a list of approx. 600 site-links. Each one of these sites will be used with each keyword, so imagine the viral aspect here. Additionally you can add your own link list, which increases the viral effect even more. So there are no borders in linkbuilding on Autopilot.

In the last section of the LOKI Link Builder there is a very important function, which makes the LOKI Link Builder plugin running. It`s the Cron job setup. This is much more reliable as the internal WordPress cron (aka WordPress pseudo cron) which many WordPress plugins use. The difference is as following: the WordPress cron needs a “reason” to run, means there must be any activity on your blog. But with the Cron job of your webserver (aka master cron) you can be sure, that the desired functions run even without touching your blog. Means it runs reliable to a given time every day or even more often, e.g. 2 times a day, or every 6 hours or whatever frequency you want. Don`t be scared about it, this is really simple to set up and is even explained in the LOKI Link Builder training videos.

My Advice on LOKI Link Builder

To get the point quickly: I will rest assured if I recommend you LOKI Link Builder. It is really a great WordPress plugin. With LOKI Link Builder you will increase the number and quality of the backlinks of your blogs dratically. Let me mention, that Sean Donahoe is a real expert concerning authority sites in internet. LOKI Link Builder is a well done plugin and also shows the quality of the creator.

If you consider to inprove the situation with backlinks on your blogs, LOKI Link Builder is exactly this what you need. It is so easy to install and to use, it does what is announced and what it should do and it runs 100% on Autopilot. So what can we want more from such plugin? Besides, you have no risk, because LOKI Link Builder is delivered with a full money-back-guarantee without any questions asked. Again, highly recommended! Grab your plugin from the Official Site of the LOKI Link Builder now!

LOKI Link Builder

Additional Video available: YES, click here to watch!

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