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InstaCash Keywords

The idea of InstaCash Keywords is simple but very effective. It is basically a keyword-service, but not as you may know it yet. Travis Sago, a 7-figure Internet Marketer and same time successful product creator, is the brain behind this service. InstaCash Keywords is personally supervised by him and his partner Ben. This means that this service provides you keyword-lists and well-written articles selected by themselves! You’ll enjoy a ready-to-buy market and list of ready-to-crush keywords that will be delivered to your inbox every week like clockwork.

My InstaCash Keywords Review

Keyword research is one of the most boring things in Internet Marketing. And not only that it is boring, many times you will ask yourself: Where to start ? Which niche to select ? What’s about competitions ? Do I select the really cash pulling keywords ? Well, you could say, you have the Google Keyword tool. But does this tool really reveal untapped niches with exactly these keywords, where hungry buyers are already waiting for you ? To answer this question with my experiences: It does NOT!

Let me explain: With the Google keyword tool you get a bunch of keyword ideas, which seem to be sought by millions of people. But what happens, if you take these keyword ideas and make an “exact search” ? You will soon see, that in fact only a few hundred searches are made for each. And if you have big luck, after hours or maybe even longer you will get one keyword-phrase with a good search amount, but unfortunately the competition is high. So this all is not the way to have consistently success.

Here is, where InstaCash Keywords comes into the picture. Travis and Ben make the keyword research for you. Read this carefully: A 6- and a 7-figure Internet Marketer make the keyword research for YOU! At first this means, THEY select an already proven niche for you. Second it means, that they provide you a couple of keywords, which they would use to make money in this niche. You will not get hundreds of keywords, which you will never use. You will get something around a dozen handpicked keywords. And on the top of this, you also get 5 well written articles to these keywords.

InstaCash Keywords
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I already tested InstaCash Keywords and i can only say, that it saves me hours if not days and it finally takes the painful work of keyword research far away from me. And additionally I don’t need to think and search profitable niches, it is all done for me.

What you get with InstaCash Keywords:

Your markets and list are approved by Ben and Travis, which means you are going to get in on a lot of very lucrative markets, with keyword phrases that you can easily rank articles for and some that get huge amounts of searches.

Your new list will appear in your inbox each and every week. It doesn’t matter if they are on vacation, or sick as a dog, or just feel like being lazy… you will get your list!

They don’t just run through the Adwords Keyword Tool and select a bunch of random keywords. Much more they hand pick keywords from markets that are passionate, proven to buy and/or seeking immediate solutions to BIG problems.

They don’t provide you with thousands of keywords per list. They cut out the junk and hand you the cream of the crop keywords. You can look forward to roughly a dozen to two dozen keywords per week.

In order to sweeten the deal even more, each keyword list will also come with 5 well written Articles for EACH NICHE… that’s 35 articles total – EVERY week!

I think, you see the potential of InstaCash Keywords now. But… is this premium service affordable for you ? Well, I can say it is even dirty cheap. You can start for 4,95 $ in the first week and if you are satisfied (believe me, you WILL) then you can make a monthly subscription of 27$. And you can cancel anytime you want in the future.

My Advice on InstaCash Keywords

For me keyword research is anything else than amazing. Not only it is difficult to know, which niche to select, it takes hours if not days to find the right keywords. And then it takes again a time to create some good articles around these keywords. So I am absolutely happy that I have found a solution for this: it’s InstaCash Keywords without any doubts.

You may also consider the following: only if you outsource article writing, you will pay at least the same amount for ONE well written article. Sure, there are also offers from 1 to 5 bucks, but these articles you can put into trash. They have no value, very often they are terrible spun or written with bunches of errors. InstaCash Keywords not only delivers high quality articles, it provides you – and this has been most important for me – profitable niches plus keywords on a silver tablet.

And they take also all risk, because InstaCash Keywords has included a full 60-days money back guarantee without any questions asked. So what can hold you back from trying this amazing service ? I think, this is absolutely a no-brainer. So if you suck at
picking products to promote so let Travis help you now!

<<< Click here and get your first Keyword list and Articles for FREE ! >>>
InstaCash Keywords

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