Easy Empire Profits Review – a comprehensive System for generating several Income Streams in being successful with Affiliate Marketing

Easy Empire Profits

is launched at February, 7th, 2013 and it is basically a collection of online training materials and software that promises to teach you how to build your own online empire even if you have little to no money to invest. The main point of the program is to teach you how to set up 4 profit centers to generate income streams from the internet. I have been lucky to be allowed to look behind the scenes and so I can give you a detailed overview of the product before you make your decicion.

Easy Empire Profits Review

Easy Empire Profits is a system over 8 phases, which allows you to have 4 profit centers as result. In other words, the 8 phases cover the creation and implementation of your 4 profit centers. They are called the free cash profit center, the cost per action (CPA) and Clickbank profit centre, the Amazon profit center and the Paypal profit center. If you are familiar with Clickbank and Amazon you will understand at this point, that the main activity will be Affiliate Marketing.

In the introduction video explained that you can start an affiliate marketing business with no costs. I would want to be a little more precise and add, that it will cost you no money, BUT – and this is a big but – it will need your time and passion. This is why there are no promises in this introduction, that you could sit back, do nothing and just expect the cash to come flooding in.

The free cash profit center of Easy Empire Profits includes video tutorials how to find a niche, how to create content, how to use List Wire (a free autoresponder) and how to set up a free website with Weebly. The rest of the phases include tutorials on a wide area of subjects including domain names, CPA networks, Amazon Associates, product reviews, traffic generation and product creation. You don`t need to implement all these areas, however you will have maximum results in combining them all. It is not a wise strategy to depend on only one income stream.

Beside all this training, Easy Empire Profits also provides you with two pieces of software: the Easy Project Manager and the Easy Link Grabber. The Easy Project Manager complements the program excellently. It is a simple yet useful software that allows you to keep track of all your projects and their related tasks. If you are already familiar with internet marketing, you can manage some outsourcing with this software.

The Easy Link Grabber allows you to find websites that are relevant to your sites, so that you can leave comments including backlinks. Let me mention as this point, that you should not spam these sources with comments. Your comments should be of good quality and related to the topics. Be also aware, that not all backlinks are found by the search engines.

Generally you don`t need anything else for implementing Easy Empire Profits. However it can be more convenient for some users to have their own domains, which means they would need their own hosting in this case. But on the other hand, there is nothing against it to use the authority of the free blogging-systems, as Weebly is one of them.

There are 3 upsells for Easy Empire Profits:

Easy Empire Profits Elite: This is an 8 week coaching program for additional training. Each week’s module includes video and PDF training on a particular affiliate marketing topic. Some of the topics covered include hot niche trends, list building and squeeze pages.

VIP Profit Portal: This upsell is a software that generates unique articles based on given keywords and automatically adds them to your WordPress blogs. For this upsell you would need your own hosted WordPress blog.

DarkNet Traffic System: This software allows you to add backlinks to your Tumblr blogs on high page rank websites. Tumblr is also a free Blogging-Portal and has a high authority in the eyes of the search engines.

To get real good ranking results, I would suggest you to use different plattforms for your blogs. Use some of the free ones (Weebly, Tumblr, WordPress.com, etc.) and idealy create also one or more own hosted WordPress Blogs. Don`t forget, that there are also high authority Video-Portals outside (e.g. YouTube), which you can additionally use for backlinking.

Easy Empire Profits has currently the following price tags:

Easy Empire Profits Basic-Product: $49.00
EEP Elite: $295.00
VIP Profit Portal: $197.00
DarkNet Traffic System: $198.00

My Advice on Easy Empire Profits

At first I want to mention, that you can implement Easy Empire Profits without buying the upsells. All upsells are really optional and are supplements to the basic product. While the basic product is more for Newbies, the upsells will support the intermediate marketers in moving some steps forward. All together Easy Empire Profits is good for Beginners with a small budget. The system shows you clearly, how you can start your business without further costs. Everything what you will discover in Easy Empire Profits is realistic and can be implemented. No fluff, good content. However, you should not think, that after this you can lean back and wait for the money coming in.

Internet Marketing is a steady process and needs your time and passion. There are no miracles outside, which make you rich overnight. Easy Empire Profits gives you a good foundation for your online business and when you use consistenly what you learn and get, you will have success at the end of the day. Even if you will have the impression that Easy Empire Profits will make you rich, it isn`t like this. YOU will be the biggest factor in the business, and it depends on you, what you make with the tools and knowledge you get. Visit the official site of Easy Empire Profits to get more informations by clicking the banner below.

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